L29 - Bureau of International Labor Affairs

                Bureau of International Labor Affairs

L29.2 General Publications
        Ac8/2           Outline of Principal Activities
        At8/959         Biographic Register of Labor Attaches
        C77             Highlights of the 1994 Cooperative Work Program
        C77/2           North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation: A Guide
        D62             Directory of International Trade Union Organization
        L11/2           Problems in International Labor Affairs
        L11/3           Labor Terms in English, French, German and Spanish
        Op2             Operating Programs of the Bureau of International Labor Affairs
        St2             Labor Standards and Development in the Global Economy
        T67             Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers
        T67/2           Impact of International Trade and Investment on Employment
        W89             Worker Rights and U.S. Trade Policy
	W89/4           Workshop on Employment Policy and the Promotion of Employability Security

L29.8 International Labor Studies
        F73     International Union of Food and Drink Workers’ Associations
        L23     International Landworkers Federation
        M56     International Metalworkers’ Federation
        M66     The Miners’ International Federation
        P96     The Public Services’ International

L29.9 Directories of Labor Organizations
        Af8             Africa
        As4             Asia and Australasia
        Eu7/965/v.1,2   Europe
        W52h/964/v.1-2  Western Hemisphere

L29.9/2 Directory of International Trade Union Organizations
                        International Trade Union Organizations, pt.1, 2
        C46/963         Directory of International Federation of Christian Trade Unions
        F87/963         Directory of International Federation of Free Trade Unions

L29.9/3 Directory of World Federation of Trade Unions

L29.10 Addresses
        L45     African Unions

L29.12 International Labor
        3/4             4/4             7/1-2           10/1-3          13/1-4  
        3/5             4/5             7/4-5           10/5            14/1-3
        4/1             5/1-5           8/1-5           11/1-5          15/1-3
        4/2             6/1-4           9/1-5           12/1-4          16/1-2

L29.13 Monographs

L29.15 Economic Discussion Papers
        7-9, 13

L29.15/2 Occassional Paper

L29.14 Country Labor Profiles
        Al3             F49             K42             P53
        Au8             F84             K84             S32
        B73             G34             M29             Si6
        C16             G81             M57             So8a
        C43             In2             M82             T32
        C72             In2/2           N38             T83
        C82             Ir2             N42z            Un3k/980
        D41             Is7             N56             Un3s
        Eg9             It1             N83             V55
        F31g            J27             P19

L29.16 Foreign Labor Trends
        An8             1996-1996               Antigua and Barbuda
        Ar3             1990-1996               Argentina
        As4             1990                    Labor Shortages in East Asian Countries
        As4/2           1992                    Worker Rights Restrictions in East Asia
        Au7             1986-1995               Austria
        Au7/2           1987-1993               Australia
        B22             1986-1995               Bangladesh
        B23             1995-1996               Barbados
        B41             1986-1994               Belgium
        B63             1987-1996               Bolivia
        B73             1987-1993               Brazil
        C16             1987-1995               Canada
        C19             1987-1993               Eastern Caribbean
        C43             1986-1993               Chile
        C43/2           1992                    International Child Labor Problems
        C44             1987-1996               China
        C72             1987-1995               Colombia
        C82             1988-1995               Costa Rica
        C99             1990-1992               Czechoslovakia
        D41             1986-1994               Denmark
        D71             1987-1995               Dominican Republic
        D71/2           1995-1996               Dominica
        Ec9             1989-1993               Ecuador
        Egy9            1987-1995               Egypt
        El8             1984-1996               El Salvador
        Eu7             1988-1989               A Look at Worker Rights in Eastern Europe
        F49             1987-1993               Finland
        F84             1986-1994               France
        G31             1987-1995               Germany (and Federal Republic of)
        G35             1988-1995               Ghana
        G81             1988-1994               Greece
        G86             1995-1996               Grenada
        G93             1988//1994              Guatemala
        G99             1987//1995              Guyana
        H12             1987//1990              Haiti
        H75             1987-1994               Honduras
        H75/2           1988-1993               Hong Kong
        H89             1991-1993               Hungary
        Ic2             1986-1993               Iceland
        In2             1987-1994               Indonesia
        In2/2           1987-1996               India
        In8             1994                    International Child Labor Study
        In9             1991-1995               International Trade Secretariats
        Ir2             1988-1994               Ireland
        Is7             1985-1995               Israel
        It1             1988-1995               Italy
        J22             1988-1995               Jamaica
        J27             1987-1995               Japan
        J76             1988-1991               Jordan
        K42             1988//1995              Kenya
        K84             1986-1995               Korea
        K96             1987-1995               Kuwait
        L34             1988-1989               Privatization in Latin America
        L61             1987-1994               Liberia
        M29             1986-1995               Malaysia
        M57             1987-1995               Mexico
        M82             1988-1995               Morocco
        N38             1988-1994               Netherlands
        N42z            1988-1994               New Zealand
        N51             1988-1995               Nicaragua
        N56             1987-1995               Nigeria
        N83             1983-1994               Norway
        P17             1988-1992               Pakistan
        P19             1987-1996               Panama
        P43             1987-1991               Peru
        P53             1986//1994              Philippines
        P75             1994-1995               Poland
        P83             1986-1992               Portugal
        R92             1991-1995               Russia
        Se2             1992                    Informal Sector and Worker Rights
        Se5             1988-1989               Senegal
        Si6             1988-1993               Singapore
        So8a            1987-1995               South Africa
        Sp1             1988-1994               Spain
        Sr3             1990-1995               Sri Lanka
        Su7             1986-1989               Suriname
        Sw3             1988-1995               Sweden
        Sw6             1986-1994               Switzerland
        T13             1987-1995               Taiwan
        T32             1988-1996               Thailand
        T73             1987-1995               Trinidad and Tobago
        T83             1986-1995               Tunisia
        T84             1988-1995               Turkey
        Un3             1985-1988               Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
        Un3/2           1987-1996               United Kingdom
        Un3/3           1992-1993               United Arab Emirates
        Ur8             1988//1994              Uruguay
        V55             1988-1993               Venezuela
        W89             1989-1990               Worker Rights in Export Processing Zones
        W89/2           1991                    Worker Rights in U.S. Policy
        Y9              1986-1990               Yugoslavia
        Z1              1987-1990               Zaire
        Z6              1985-1994               Zimbabwe

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