L23 - L25: Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training - Office of Veterans' Reemployment Rights

                Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training

L23.2 General Publications
        Ap6/19/969      C22/975         M18/5                   St2/2
        Ap6/30/965      C26             M66/970                 T67/9
        Ap6/33          C33/969         Op2/973                 T68/3
        Ap6/36          D43/2           Or8                     T68/7
        Ap6/37          D78/968         P16/974                 T68/9/970
        Ap6/972         En3             P27                     T68/9/973
        Au8/3/966       G46/3/966       P69/965                 T76
        Au8/5           G46/4/968       P92                     V64
        B17/975         G75             R67/2                   
        B76/966         L34             Sh3/965
        C18/966         M18             Si2/963

L23.3 Bulletins
        M66     Directory for Reaching Minority Groups, 1970

L23.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions
        P56     Photoengravers

L23.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        Ap6             Setting Up an Apprenticeship Program
        Au8             Standards of Apprenticeship:  Automobile Mechanics
        Em7/965, 967    Employer’s Guide to On-the-Job Training
        J66             JATC Handbook
        M46             National Apprenticeship Standards for the Retail Meat Cutting Industry
        Sh3             National Apprenticeship Standards and Training for the Sheet Metal
        T68/2           How To Train Workers on the Job
        T76             Apprenticeship Training and Standards for Truck Mechanics
        T76/2           Apprenticeship Training and Standards for Truck Mechanics

L23.10 Bulletins
        140, 147

L23.16 Trade and Industry Publications
        2-5, 7

L23.19 Research Division Reports

L23.20 Technical Reports
                Apprenticeship and Economic Change

                Office of Veterans’ Reemployment Rights

L25.2 General Publications
        J57             The Right Job
        J57/2           Now, About that Job . . .       
        J57/3           Key Answers About Job Rights
        J57/4           Facts About Veterans’ Job Rights
        J57/5           Job Rights for Reservists and Members of the National Guard
        R25/6/967       Office of Veterans’ Reemployment Rights

L25.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
        In5/3/971       Work Injury Benefits for Federal Employees
        In5/4           Federal Work Injury Facts 1962-64
        In5/5           Work Injuries
        L41             Benefits for Law Enforcement Officers
        L52/2           Legal Guide and case Digest
        M46/969         Medical Facilities
        V64/970         Veterans’ Reemployment Rights Handbook

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