L18 - L21: Public Contracts Division - Office of the Solicitor

                Public Contracts Division

L18.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions
        W16     Rulings and Interpretations Under the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act

                Wage and Hours Division

L20.1 Annual Reports

L20.2 General Publications
        R18     Rate Tables

L20.6   Regulations, Rules and Instructions
        Op3     Opinion Manual

                Office of the Solicitor

L21.2 General Publications
        In2/942-64      Index Digest
        L11             Labor Arbitration Under State Statutes
        L52/3           What About a Career as a Legal Secretary in the Office of the Solicitor
        W12/964-68      Wage Appeals Board

L21.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
        B86/960         Building and Construction Workers Guide
        D29             Practical Guide to the Fringe Benefits Amendments to the Davis-Bacon Act

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