L1 - Department of Labor

                Department of Labor

L1.1 Annual Reports
        1886-1946, 1948-1974

L1.2 General Publications
        Ad9             Department of Labor Advisory Committees
        As7             Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Convention of the Association of
                         Governmental Labor Officials
        As7/2           Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Convention
        B54             Report on the Bisbee Deportations  1917
        B76             In the Matter of Harry R. Bridges
        C18/2           Career Guidance
        C71             Labor Disturbance in Colorado
        D63             Breakthrough for Disadvantaged Youth
        F22             Farm Labor Fact Book
        F22/3           Year of Transition—Seasonal Farm Labor  1965
        H88/926         Humanity in Government
        In2/3           Proceedings of the First Industrial Conference
        In8             Social and Economic Implications of Integration in the Public Schools
				L11             Labor Conditions in Porto Rico
        L23             Disposition of the Public Lands of the United States
        M31/22          Federally-Assisted Manpower Development Programs
        M31/36          Labor’s Role in the War on Poverty
        M31/38          Manpower Development and Training Act
        N31/3           The Negro Family:  The Case for National Action
        N31/4           Directory of 1965-66 Graduates from Predominantly Negro Colleges
        P83             Labor Conditions in Porto Rico
        P92             President’s National Labor-Management Conference  vol.1-6
        R11             The Racial Problems Involved in Immigration from Latin America and the
                          West Indies to the United States
        T67/948         List of American Trade Union Journals and Labor Papers
        W19             Labor’s Relation to the World War
        W45/9           Administrative Expenses of Welfare and Pension Plans
        W89             Opinions of Solicitor—Workman’s Compensation 1908-1912, 1915
        W89/4           American Workers’ Fact Book
        W89/5           Meet the Over 40 Worker
        W89/17          Quality of Work Life
        W89/18          Workforce 2000
        W89/20          Working in America:  A Chart Book
        WO89            Well-Crafted Words
        Y8/2            Young Workers Under 18—Fact Sheet 1961

L1.3 Bulletins

L1.3/3 Bulletins
        1 (and revisions), 2

L1.3/4 Manpower Research Bulletin

L1.5 Decisions of the Office of Administrative Law Judges and Office of Administrative Appeals
        Special Reports 2, 4-12 

L1.6 Regulations

L1.8/2 Negro Economics Division, General Publications
        W89     The Negro at Work During  the World War and During Reconstruction

L1.10 Lift Awards, Nomination Guidelines

L1.11 Emergency Conservation Work Bulletins

L1.17 Publications of National Wage Stabilization Board
        N21     Termination Report of the National War Labor Board, vol.I-III
        N21w    The National Wage Stabilization Board

L1.20/6 Black News Digest
        1974-1993 (volumes are incomplete)

L1.20/7 Noticias De La Semana
        1988: 40-52
        1989: 1-15, 17-51
        1990: 1-7, 9-11, 13-14, 16-22, 24-35, 37-43, 46-50
        1991: 2-3, 5-20, 22-24, 26-40, 42-50
        1992: 1-3, 5, 8-21, 23-43, 45-47
        1993: 4,11,18,25

L1.20/8 Women and Work
        1981-93 (volumes are incomplete)

L1.34/6 Publications of teh U.S. Department of Labor

L1.39/5 Manpower and Automation Research
        1963-64, 1965/rev.

L1.39/6 Manpower Research Projects

L1.42 Report of Secretary of Labor to Congress on Research and Training Activities

L1.42/2 Employment and Training Report of the President
        1963-1967, and index

L1.42/2-2 Statistics on Manpower, Supplement to Manpower Report of the President
        1969, 1981

L1.49 Neighborhood Youth Corps Publications
        C76     First National Conference Report 1966

L1.52 Report of Occupational Training Under Area Redevelopment Act For Fiscal Year

L1.56 Research and Development Findings

L1.62 Unemployment Insurance Claims
        25-26, 28-30

L1.62/2 Unemployment Insurance Statistics
        1970-74, 1975 (no.4)

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