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West Campus Library United States Government Documents

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The West Campus Library collection includes about 500 shelves of United States Government Documents in the Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) classification scheme. These are primarily older materials, including agencies that no longer function and documents transferred from the Social Work Library. In addition, the entire Serial Set, prior to the introduction of microfiche in 1976, is at West Campus. Also, there are extensive holdings of ERIC and NTIS microfiche. CURRENT DOCUMENTS ARE IN OLIN LIBRARY.

This initial listing of the agencies represented in the West Campus collection is intended to answer the question of whether a trip to West Campus for a particular document might be worthwhile. The West Campus staff welcomes queries by e-mail or telephone (935-9889) when searching for a particular title. For assistance in selecting a title, or utilizing the reference sources for Government Documents, work with the Help Desk on Level 1 of Olin Library.

Listed here, in SuDocs order, are the Departments and Independent Agencies, as well as their subordinate Bureaus, Administrations, and Offices which are currently represented in the West Campus Documents collection. The stacks will have to be consulted to determine if a particular title or volume is at West Campus. For many of these governmental bodies, the holdings are split between Olin Library and West Campus. Please note that where this list states that West Campus has all documents it means that West Campus holds all documents of that agency in the Olin Libraries System collection -- and not necessarily all documents that were ever printed by that agency.

This list will be updated as other documents are transferred from Olin Library to West Campus. Ultimately the coverage will be expanded to include individual document titles as well as holdings information.

Index compiled and corrected by David Straight, Adam Massie, Angela Howard, and Emily Sullivan.

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