FS2.3 - FS2.9: Public Health Bulletins - Venereal Disease Information

FS2.3 Public Health Bulletins

FS2.3/3 Technical Information Bulletins

FS2.6 Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
	B52/968		R11/960
	B52/969		P73
	H79/2		Se6/2

FS2.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
	Ac2/3/967	En8/962		M46/6		OL1/969/1
	Ac2/2		En8/967		M46/7		Or8
	Ac2/4		En8/968		M52		P26/2
	Ac2/5		F73		M59/2		P26/964
	Ad2/965		F73/2		M59/3		P27
	Ai7		G76/4		M59/966		P27/2
	Ai7/2		G76/967		N69		P43
	Ai7/3		G76/3		N93/13		P43/2/1,2
	Ai7/4		G76/5		N93		P73
	An5/965		H34		N93/2/966	P75
	Ar7		H81		N93/3		R18
	B41		H34/2		N93/3/964	R18/2/960
	B78		H34/3		N93/4		R24/2
	B96		H34/4		N93/5		R24/3
	C16		H34/5		N93/6		R25
	C27		H35		N93/7		R31/2
	C43		H35/2		N93/8		R61
	C49/963		H75		N93/9		Sa5/2
	C76		H79		N93/10		Sa5/3
	C81		Ic2		N93/11		Se8
	C82		In2		N93/12/66	Sh4/962/1
	D43		In2/2		N93/12		Sh4/965/2
	D43/2		In3		N93/14		Sh4/965/3
	D43/3		K54/967		N95		Sh4/964/2
	D43/3/967	K54/2		Oc1		Si5
	D54/969		L49		Oc1/2		Sm7/1
	D54/2		M46/962		Oc1/3		Sm7/2
	D83		M46/2		Oc1/4		So1
	El2		M46/3		Oc1/4/969	St4
	En8/2		M46/5		OL1/1		St4/964
	G76/2/967	St8		St8/964		Up1

FS2.7 Public Health Reports

FS2.8 Supplement to Public Health Reports
	I27	141
	I27/6	164
	75	165pt.1
	85	165pt2
	97	166-185
	98	186-205
	114	207
	133	208
	138	209
	140 	146-164

FS2.9 Venereal Disease Information
	1937-1951, supp22

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