FS2.1 - FS2.2: Public Health Service

FS2.1 Annual Reports

FS2.2 General Publications
	O1-1		Ai8/9		C52		D54/18
	Ac2/5		Am1		C58		D68/5/962/v1-2
	Ac2/6/964	Am1/2		C72/2		D56/4
	Ad9/2/963	Am3		C73/3/967-68	Em3
	Ad9/2/967-2	Am3/2/969	C73/3/969	D63/8
	Ad9/2/963	An2		C73/5		D63/9/967
	Ad9/3/963	An3		C73/6		D63/7
	Ad9/3/967	An8		C73/9		D83
	Ad9/3/967-2	Ar4K/2supp965	C73/10		D84/3
	Ad9/3/968	Ar4K/2app/v.1	C73/11		Ec7
	Af8		Ar4K/2app/v.2	C73/13		Ed8/2
	Af8/2/968	Ar4K/2app/v.3	C73/14		Em7
	Ag		Ar7		C76/2/954	Em7/4/966
	Ag3		Ar7/2		C76/3		Em7/4/967
	Ag4/2		Ar7/2/hi-lights	C76/5		Em7/4/968
	Ag4/3		Ar7/3		C76/6/968	Em7/3
	Ag170/952	Au8/2		C81		Em7/6
	Ai7/10		Au8/3		C81/2		Et4/pt.3
	Ai711		B13		D34/2		Ex1
	Ai7/15		B65		D43/2-12	F33
	Ai7/17		C16/3/954-55	D42/7/963	F51
	Ai7/18		C16/5/962	D43/14/963	F61
	Ai7/19		C16/5/965	D43/14/967	F67/5
	Ai7/20/962	C16/5/968	D43/15		F67/9
	Ai7/22		C16/9		D43/15/965	F67/10
	Ai7/23		C16/9/967	D43/17		F84/sec.23
	Ai7/25		C16/10/966	D43/18		F88
	Ai7/26		C16/12		D43/22		F88/c.2
	Ai7/28		C16/13		D43/23		G46/3
	Ai7/29		C16/15		D43/24		G46/4
	Ai7/31		C17/2		D43/26		G76/2/967
	Ai7/32		C17/3		D43/28		G76/3
	Ai7/33		C17/4/964	D43/30		G76/3/968
	Ai7/33/959	C17/5		D43/31/corr	G79
	Ai7/35		C16/25/969	D43/33		Er3/3
	Ai7/37		C16/29		D43/34		Er4/pt.2
	Ai7/42/pt.1	C18/3		D37		En3/2
	Ai7/42/pt.2	C18/4		D48		En3/5
	Ai7/42/pt.3	C18/10		D48/2/v1	En8/2
	Ai7/42/pt.4	C23/966		D48/2/v2	En8/4/964
	Ai7/42/pt.5	C33		D48/2/v3	En8/5
	Ai7/42/pt.6	C42		D48/2/v4	En8/6
	Ai7/42/pt.7	C42/4		D48/2/v5	En8/9
	Ai7/42/pt.8	C42/5		D48/2/v6	Ep5
	Ai7/43		C45		D54/9		Ep6
	Ai7/45		C46		D54/13		Er4/pt.1
	Ai7/47/968	C46c.2		D54/14		F67/6
	Ai7/48		C46/2		D54/15		F67/7
	Ai7/968		C46/3/965	D54/16/968	G46
	Ai7/51		C46		D54/16/969	H34/6
	Ai8		C46/4		D54/17		H34/8

	H34/9		In25/17		M39		N93/49/966
	H34/23/962	In25/18/969	M31/5-6		N93/51
	H34/27		In85		M46/15/967	N93/52
	H34/11		In85/3/1-12	M46/16		N93/53/965-2
	H34/14		In85/3/no1-12	M46/18		N93/8/969
	H34/15		In85/3/no13-20	M46/20/968	N93/9
	H34/16		J57/3		M46/21		N93/10/970
	H34/17		K54/967		M31/8/967	N93/41/pt.1
	H34/18		K54/3		M46/19/967	N93/41/pt.2
	H34/21		K54/4		M52/3		N93/54/supp/rev
	H34/22		K54/5		M52/7		N93/54/supp/rev969
	H34/36		K54/6		M52/8		N93/55/supp969
	H34/34/958-60	K64		M52/9		N93/55/965-2
	H34/35/967-68	L23/2/963	M52/36		N93/55/967
	H34/39		L23/3		M58/5		N93/55/968
	H35/9		L46/4		M58/6/969	N93/55/969
	H35/10		L61		M58/3/964	N93/55/969-2
	H35/11		L62		M59/8		N93/54
	H35/12		L75		M59/8/966	N93/57/955-65
	H36		L76		M59/9		N93/55-65
	H53/956-60	L78/954		M59/10		N93/58
	H75/6/964	L97		M59/11		N93/58
	H75/7/967	H79/23		M59/12		N93/59/967
	H75		M27/v.1		M59/13/969	N93/61
	H75/961		M27/v.2		M72		N93/62
	H75/10		M31/1-4		N21/1		N93/63
	H75/11		M31/4		N21c/965	N93/64
	H75/12		M31/5-6		N21c/967	N93/66
	H75/963		M31/7		N35/2		N93/65
	H79/16		M31/2		N35/3		N93/67
	H79/18		M31/7-8		N39/3/969/summ	N95/2
	H79/22		M31/9-10	N39/2		N95/968
	H79/24		M31/11-13	N69		N95/3
	H79/24/962	M31/14-15	N81		N95/5
	H79/25		M31/17-18	N84/bk1		Ob2
	H79/27		M31/sec.2/966	N84/bk2		Oc1/953/288
	H79/28		M31/6/967	N88/960/67	Oc1/3
	H79/29/968	M31/sec.19	N88/2/969	Oc1/5
	H86		M31/sec.20	N93		Oc1/6
	H88		M46/4		N93/21/961	Oc1/7
	In2		M46/5/986	N93/25		Oc1/10
	In3		M46/6/959-2	N93/36		Oc1/10/966
	In3/2		M46/7c.1	N93/38/966	Oc1/11
	In3/4		M46/8/963	N93/39		Oc1/12
	In25		M46/8/964-2	N93/41/pt.2	Oc1/13
	In25/3		M46/8/965	N93/44		Oc1/14
	In25/7		M46/9		N93/45/962	Oc1/15
	In25/9/966	M46/12/1	N93/45/967	Of2
	In25/11/969-2	M46/12/2	N93/47		Oh3
	In25/15/969	M46/13		N93/48		Or1/2
	Or3/2/963	R11/11/968	Se8/3		T79/5
	Oy8		R11/16/965	Se8/4		T79/8/960
	P34/2		R11/16/965	Se8/5		T79/9/953
	P39/967		R1/17/968-69	Se8/6		T79/9/959
	P43/2		R11/18		Se8/7		T98/3
	P43/3		R11/19		Sh4/4		Un3
	P49/2		R11/20		Sh4/5		Ur1/2
	P49/2/969	R11/21/967	Si3		Ur1/4
	P56/2/969	R11/23		Si3/3		Ur3
	P56/4/964	R11/25		Sm7		V55/7/955
	P56/5		R11/25/969-2	Sm7/4/hlts	V55/11/955
	P56/6/967	R24/965		Sm7/949		V55/13
	P56/8		R25/3		Sm7/5		V55/14
	P56/963		R25/4		Sm7/5/968	W28
	P56/3		RH11		Sm7/6/968-2	W28/2/964
	P56/4		R11/22		Sm7/7/969	W28/6
	P58		R11/22/968	Sm7/8		W29/24/961
	P69/2		R24/2		Sm7/8/968-2	W29/30
	P75/2/965	R25/2		Sm7/9/969	W29/31
	P75/2/967	R25/5		Sm7/10/969	W29/2
	P75/4		R26/3		Sm7/11		W29/3
	P75/5		R26/4		Sm7/11/969	W29/27/960
	P75/7		R26/5		Sm7/13		W29/32
	P75/8		R29/2/v.3	So4		W29/33
	P76/2		R29/2/v.4	So4/2		W29/34/962
	P78		R29/2/v.5	So4/11/965-68	W29/41
	P91		R29/3		So4/16		W29/42/960-61
	P91/2		R29/2/v.6	So4/18		W29/43
	P94		R31/5/pt.2	So4/19		W29/44
	P94/2		R31/6		So4/21		W29/42/962-63
	P95/8/964	R31/9		So8		W29/47/963
	P95/15		R31/9/967	So8/2		W29/49
	P95/17		R31/10		St9		W29/51
	P95/18		R31/13/969	St9/4		W29/52
	P96/4/952	R34/2		Sy7/3/961	W29/56/965-2
	P96/7/955	Sa3/3/954	Sy7/4		W29/57
	P96/7/964	Sa4		T19		W29/58
	Q3		Sa5/2		T48		W84
	R11/3		Sa5/2/963	T55		X7/2
	R11/5		Sa5/3		T68/3		X7/3
	R11/7		Sa9/956/65	T68/3/964	X7/4
	R11/8/958-62	Sch6		T68/3/965	X7/5
	R11/8/965	Sch6/14		T68/3/968	X7/6
	R11/9		Sci2/961	T68/4/964	So4/2/968
	R11/10		Sci2/967	T68/4/966	So4/3
	R11/10/967	Se1/965		T68/5		So4/4
	R11/11		Se1/2		T68/6/963	So4/5
	R11/12/rev	Se8/953		T68/6/967	So4/7
	R11/14		Se8/954		T68/7		So4/9
	R11/15		Se8/955		T68/10		So4/11/965-68
	W28		W28/2/964	W28/6		W29/24/961	
	W29/30		P94/3

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