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Table of Contents

HE1.6 - HE1.214 Department of Health and Human Services - Administration on Aging
HE1.302 - HE1.480 Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration - Children's Bureau
HE1.609 - HE1.808 Rehabilitation Services Administration - Head Start Bureau
HE3 Social Security Administration - Assistance Payments Administration
HE5 Office of Education
HE17.2 - HE17.29 Social and Rehabilitation Service
HE17.102 - HE17.508 Rehabilitation Services Administration - Medical Services Administration
HE17.602 - HE17.646 National Center for Social Statistics
HE17.702 - HE17.811 Public Services Administration - Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration
HE18 National Institute of Education
HE19.2 - HE19.142 Education Division - Office of Education
HE19.202 - HE19.220 National Institute of Education
HE19.302 - HE19.338 National Center for Educational Statistics
HE20.2 - HE20.2310 Public Health Services - Center for Disease Control
HE20.2402 - HE20.2429 National Institute of Mental Health
HE20.2552 - HE20.2708 Community Health Service - Federal Health Program Service
HE20.2751 - HE20.3018 Maternal and Child Health Service - National Institutes of Health
HE20.3109 - HE20.3860 Bureau of Health Manpower Education - National Institute on Aging
HE20.4010 - HE20.5401 Food and Drug Administration - Bureau of Medical Services
HE20.6002 - HE20.6110 Health Resources Administration - Bureau of Health Planning
HE20.6202 - HE20.6602 National Center for Health Statistics - Bureau of Health Professions
HE20.7002 - HE20.7026 Center for Disease Control
HE20.7102 - HE20.7209 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - Bureau of Health Education
HE20.8002 - HE20.8013 Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration
HE20.8102 - HE20.8130 National Institute of Mental Health
HE20.8202 - HE20.8235 National Institute on Drug Abuse
HE20.8302 - HE20.8320 National Institute on Drug Abuse and Alcoholism
HE20.9102 - HE20.9421 Health Care Delivery and Assistance Bureau - Indian Health Service
HE21 Office of Child Development - Bureau of Head Start and Child Service Programs
HE22 Health Care Financing Administration - Bureau of Program Operations
HE23.2 - HE23.1113 Office of Human Development Services - Head Start Bureau
HE23.1202 - HE23.1213 Children's Bureau
HE23.1302 - HE23.2010 Youth Development Office - Administration for Public Services
HE23.3001 - HE23.3015 Administration on Aging
HE23.3102 - HE24.9 National Clearinghouse on Aging - Office of Child Support Enforcement

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