HE23.3001 - HE23.3015: Administration on Aging

                Administration on Aging

HE23.3001 Annual Report

HE23.3002 General Publications
        C73/4   Community-Based Long Term Care: Descriptive Summaries of Statewide Programs
                        in Illinois and Colorado
        D93     Durable Power of Attorney
        El2     Elder Abuse
        F73     Analysis of Food Service Delivery Systems Used in Providing Nutrition Services
                        to the Elderly
        H34/11  Compendium of Health Promotion-Related Initiatives for Older Adults
        N95     Longitudinal Evaluation of the National Nutrition Program for the Elderly
        N95/2   An Evaluation of the Nutrition Services for the Elderly  vol.1-3
        Ol1     Older Americans Month, May 1979 - 1980
        Ol1/2   Older Americans
        Ol1/3   Research Projects in Aging  1979-1981
        P87     Durable Power of Attorney
        R31/2   Research & Development Projects in Aging
        R31/3   Index of Current Research Grants and Contracts Administered by The National
                        Institute on Aging
        Se5/2   The Multipurpose Senior Center Health Care Clinic
        So8     A Healthy Old Age: A Source Book for Health Promotion with Older Adults
        T68     Coordination Transportation for the Elderly and Handicapped
        T68/2   Training and Manpower Development Activities
        T68/3   Transportation and the Elderly
HE23.3005 Laws
        Ol1     Older Americans Act of 1965, As Amended
HE23.3008 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        Al9/vol.1       Alzheimer’s Disease Handbook
        Al9/vol.2       State and Area Agency Instructional Guide
        Al9/vol.3       Alzheimer’s Family Support Groups: A Manual for Group Facilitators
        Al9/vol.4       Working with Families of Dementia Victims: A Treatment Manual
        C73             Helping Ourselves: A Guide to Community Problem-Solving
        Ed8             AoA Education and Training Program Plans and Guidelines  1979
        Em7             Promoting Employment of Older Workers
        F21             Family Seminars for Caregiving
        F49     Service Provider Financial Management and Accounting Manual
        F49/2   Area Agencies on Aging Financial Management and Accounting Manual
        F49/3   Financial Management and Accounting Technical Assistance Manual for State
                        Units on Aging
        F49/4   Financial Management Assessment Guide
        G76     Guidelines for Preparation of Grant Applications
        H34     Health Promotion and Aging:  Strategies for Action
        In3     Information Statement for Applicants and Grantees Model Projects on Aging
        P94/2   Protective Services for Adults
        P94     Guide to AoA Programs  1979-1982

HE23.3009 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        Em7     Employment Services for the Elderly
        H75     Homemaker and Home Health Services for the Elderly
        In3     Information and Referral Services for the Elderly
        L52     Legal Services for the Elderly
        N93     Nursing Home Ombudsman Services for the Elderly
        R31     Residential Repair and Renovation for the Elderly
        Se5     Multi-Purpose Senior Centers

HE23.3011 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        M66     The Minority Elderly in America
        T68     Transportation and the Elderly
HE23.3013 Information Memorandums

HE23.3015 Aging
        253/254, 261/262, 263/264, 265, 270/271, 274, 279-288, 291/292, 297/298, 313/314,

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