HE22.2 - HE22.411: General Publications - Bureau of Program Operations

                Health Care Financing Administration

HE22.2 General Publications

HE22.10 Forum
        3/1, 5/1 - 5/4

HE22.12 State Tables Fiscal Year, Medicaid: Recipients, Payments and Services

HE22.13 Medicaid Statistics
        1978: 1, 3-4, 6-7
HE22.16/2 Research and Demonstrations in Health Care Financing
        1983, 1983-2, 1984, 1984-2

HE22.18 Health Care Financing Review

HE22.18/a Health Care Financing Review—Separates
        Ar4     Evaluation of the Arizona Health Care Cost-Containment System
        D54/2   How Available are Evening Dialysis Services?
        El2/3   Living Arrangement Choices of Elderly Singles:  Effects of Income and Disability
        H79     Cost and Case-Mix Differences Between Hospital-Based and Freestanding Nursing
        M28     Functional Health Measure for Adjusting Health Maintenance Organization
                        Capitation Rates
        M46/6   Out-of-Plan Use by Medicare Enrollees in a Risk-Sharing Health Maintenance
        M46/7   Medicaid Program Characteristics: Effects on Health Care Expenditures and
        M46/8   Changes in Distribution of Medicare Expenditures Among Aged Enrollees, 1969-82
        M46/9   Impact of the Medicare Prospective Payment System for Hospitals
        P56     Trends in Physician Assignment Rates for Medicare Services, 1968-85
        W42     Comparison of Alternative Relative Weights for Diagnosis-Related Groups

HE22.21 Medicare Annual Report 
        1979 - 1983

HE22.26/3 National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey, Series B

HE22.29 Medicare Directory of Prevailing Charges

HE22.34 Medicare Hospital Information Report
        1986, vol. I-III, V-VII
        1987, Region I, III - VI, IX

                Medicaid Bureau

HE22.109 Journal for Medicaid Management

HE22.109/2 Medicaid Management Reports
        1976: 1
        1977: 1-6, 10, 12
HE22.111 Advanced Training for Workers in the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis
                and Treatment Program: Publications
        P94/inst.       Problem Solving in EPSDT
        P94/work        Problem Solving in EPSDT

                Health Standards and Quality Bureau

HE22.202 General Publications
        L52     Legislative History of Professional Standards Review Organization
        Ol1     Working with Older People: A Guide to Practice  v.1-2

                Bureau of Program Operations

HE22.410 Medicaid Management Reports 

HE22.410/2 Medicaid Management Reports

HE22.411 Perspectives on Medicaid and Medicare Management
        1980: 1 - 3
        1981: 1 - 2

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