HE21.2 - HE21.212: Office of Child Development - Bureau of Head Start and Child Service Programs

                Office of Child Development

HE21.2 General Publications
        C43     Community Related Coordinated Child Care Program
        D33     Abstracts of State DayCare Licensing Requirements Parts I and II
        D84     Report of the Conference on the Use of Stimulant Drugs in the Treatment
                        of Behaviorally Disturbed Young School Children
        F81     Foster Family / Natural Family Agency
        F96     Fun in the Making
        H34     Head Start—Supplementary Training
        H34/2   Implementation of Planned Variation in Head Start
        P92     Report on Preschool Programs
HE21.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        C73     Community Coordinated Child Care Program
        H19     Summer Head Start Services to Handicapped Children
        H34     Directory of Full Year Head Start Programs—February 1973
        R31     Child and Family Resources Program

HE21.11 Day Care USA
        P93     A Statement of Principles—Day Care USA
        1       A Statement of Principles
        2       Serving Infants
        3       Serving Preschool Children
        4       Serving School Aged Children
        5       Staff Training
        6       Health Services
        7       Administration
        8       Serving children with Special needs
        9       Family Day Care

                Children’s Bureau

HE21.102 General Publications
        Ac2     Young Children and Accidents in the Home
        B71     Boys in Fatherless Families
        C43     Child Advocacy
        F21     Families for Black Children—the Search for Adoptive Parents
        F26     So You’re Going to be a New Father?
        H19     A Handicapped Child in Your Home
        Ol1     Older Children Need Love Too
HE21.110 Publications
        469, 471, 474

HE21.111 Folders

HE21.113 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 
        M52     Selected Reading Suggestions for Parents of Mentally Retarded Children

                Bureau of Head Start and Child Service Programs

HE21.208 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        H34     Healthy, That’s Me
HE21.209 Head Start Newsletter

HE21.210 Caring for Children
        1 - 10

HE21.211 Folders
        Ea7     Bibliography on Early Childhood
        H75     Bibliography on Home-Based Child Development Program Resources
HE21.212 Research Relating to Children, Bulletin
        1A - 1C, 2 , 2A, 3B, 3F, 13

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