HE20.8302 - HE20.8320: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

                National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

HE20.8302 General Publications
        Al1/2           At8             H34             P92/4           T68
        Al1/3           B11             H34/4           Se2             T68/supp.1
        Al1/12/v.1-2    B56/2           In4             Se2/2           T68/2/981-982   
        Al1/13          C56             M46/2           Se2/2/supp.A    T71
        Al1/14          C56/984         M46/3           Se2/2/supp.E    V82
        Al1/15/980-2    C58/2/985       M72             Se2/2/supp.G    V88
        Al1/16/part.    C73             N93             Se2/2/supp. I   W84/3
        Al1/16/readings C82             P64             Se2/2/supp. K   W84/6/final
        Al1/16/trainer  C82/3           P69             Sp3
        Al1/17          C93             P92             St2
        Al1/19          D84             P92/2           T17
        Al1/20          D84/2           P92/3           T34

HE20.8308 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        M31     Management Skills—Participant Workbook
        M31     Management Skills—Trainer Manual
        P69     Planning Alcoholism Services—Trainer Manual
        P94     Programming Community Resources—Participant Workbook
        P94     Programming Community Resources—Trainer Manual
        Si1     On the Sidelines: An Adult Leader Guide for Youth Alcohol Programs 
        T68     Training Alcoholism Trainers—Participant Workbook
        T72     A Guide to Planning Alcoholism Treatment Programs
        V82     Initial Visit—Participant Guide
        V82     Initial Visit—Session Outline Cards
        V88     Volunteer Services
        V88/2   Volunteer Program Development Guide
        V88/2   Volunteer Program Development Guide—Participant Handbook
        V88/3   Using Volunteers in your Agency—Trainer Manual
        W84     Alcohol Abuse and Women
        W84/2   Tools for Prevention
        Y8      Prevention Plus: Involving Schools, Parents and the Community in Alcohol
                        and Drug Education
        Y92     Planning a Prevention Program—Participant Handbook

HE20.8308/2 NIAAA Treatment Handbook Series

HE20.8309 Alcohol Health and Research World
        1/3 - 1/4, 2/1, 2/2, 2/4
        8/1 - 8/3, 9/1 - 9/4, 10/3, 12/4, 13/3, 17/4

HE20.8311 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        Al1     Alcohol-Specific Curricula—A Selected List  1980-1981
        In7     Health Insurance Bibliography

HE20.8311/2 Subject Area Bibliographies
        1-B-5   Sociocultural Aspects of Alcohol use and Alcoholism
        0560    Subject Area Bibliography on Alcohol and the Fetus
        Oc1     Occupational Alcoholism Programs Bibliography

HE20.8312 NIAA Information and Feature Service
        1, 4-6, 8-11, 28, 49-57, 59-67, 69-88, 90-92, 96-97, 100, 102-106

HE20.8313 Special Report to the U.S. Congress on Alcohol and Health
        2, 2/summ., 3 - 6, 8

HE20.8314 Annual Alcoholism Conference of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and
                Alcoholism, Proceedings

HE20.8315 Research Monographs
        1 - 3, 9, 21 - 23

HE20.8316 Report to the United States Congress on Federal Activities on Alcohol Abuse
                and Alcoholism
        1978, 1980 - 1984

HE20.8317 Statistical Compendium on Alcohol and Health

HE20.8318/2 Special Announcements
        1986, 1986/2

HE20.8320 National Directory of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment and Prevention Programs

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