HE20.8202 - HE20.8235: National Institute on Drug Abuse

                National Institute on Drug Abuse

HE20.8202 General Publications
        Ad7     Adolescent Peer Pressure 
        Am3/3   National Trends in Drug Use and Related Factors Among American High School
                        Students and Young Adults  1975-86
        D84     Where the Drug Films Are: A Guide to Evaluation Services and Distributors
        D84/5   Drug Abuse Prevention for Your Family
        Em7/2   Standard for Employment Alcoholism and/or Assistance Programs
        H81     Alcohol—Answer Sheet #1
        L62     What Life Will We Make for Our Children?
        L95     Drug Abuse Prevention for Low-Income Communities: Manual for Program Planning
HE20.8212/8 Statistical Series, Series B

HE20.8212/9 Statistical Series, Series C

HE20.8213 Technical Papers
        D84/2   An Approach for Causal Drug Users

HE20.8214 Research Issues
        14, 19, 21, 25

HE20.8216 Research Monograph Series
        14, 26, 30-31, 35

HE20.8216/2 Services Research Monograph Series, National Polydrug Collaborative Project, 
                        Treatment Manuals
        Ad2     Addicted Families and Their Children

HE20.8216/3 Services Research Reports
        Al1     Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use
        C73     Community Factors, Racial Composition of Drug Abuse Treatment Programs and
        D84     A Study of Legal Drug Use by Older Americans
        D84/2   Illicit Drug Use and Return to Treatment
        D84/3   Comparative Effectiveness of Drug Abuse Treatment Modalities
        D84/4   Acute Drug Reactions in a Hospital Emergency Room
        D84/5   Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Booming and Depressed Communities
        Em7     Securing Employment for Ex-Drug Abusers:  An Overview of Jobs
        Em7/2   Employment Discrimination and How to Deal With it
        H43     Heroin-Addicted Parents and Their Children
        In2     Drug Use in Industry
        J57     Techniques in Job Development and Placement for Ex-Addicts
        M52     A Comparison of Mental Health Treatment Center and Drug Abuse Treatment Center
        M56     Withdrawal From Methadone Maintenance: Rate of Withdrawal and Expectation
        N73     Nonurban Drug Abuse Programs: A Descriptive Study
        Op3     Leisure Patterns of Opioid Addicts: A Six-Year Follow-Up of Clients
        P52     Phencyclidine Use Among Youths in Drug Abuse Treatment
        P52/2   Angel Dust in Four American Cities
        P94     The Problem-Drinking Drug Addict
        R27     Religiosity and Drug Use: A Study of Jewish and Gentile College Students
        R88     An Investigation of Selected Rural Drug Abuse Programs
        Se4     Nonresidental Self-Help Organizations and the Drug Abuse Problem 
        Sk3     Skills Training and Employment for Ex-Addicts in Washington, D.C.
        T34     The Therapeutic Community
        T34/2   The Use of Family Therapy in Drug Abuse Treatment
        T34/3   Specialized Therapeutic Community Program for Female Addicts
        T71     Drug Treatment Histories for a Sample of Drug Users in DARP
        T71/2   Followup Evaluation of Drug Abuse Treatment: A Summary Report
        V85     Developing and Using a Vocational Training and Education Resource Manual
        V88     The Use of Volunteers in Drug Abuse Services
HE20.8216/2-2 Services Research Monograph Series

HE20.8217 Treatment Program Monograph
        C61     Clinical Record System for Drug Abuse Treatment Programs
        D48     Detoxification Treatment Manual
        St2     Statewide Services Contract Policy and Practical Manual
        St2/2   Statewide Services Contract Program Review Manual       
        T71     Manual for Drug Abuse Treatment Program Self-Evaluation—Suppl.  I - II & No. 1-2
        Y8      The Door: A Model Youth Center

HE20.8217/2 Treatment Research Monograph
        D44     Evaluating and Treating Depressive Disorders in Opiate Addicts
        D84     Drug and Alcohol Abuse
        Em3     Emergency Room Study of Sedative-Hypnotic Overdosage
        Su3     Suicide and Depression Among Drug Abusers
        T34     The Therapeutic Community: Study of Effectiveness

HE20.8217/3 Treatment Research Reports
        Ad2/2   Addiction Careers
        D84     Evaluation of Drug Abuse Treatment Effectiveness
        Em7     Employment Related Services in Drug Treatment Programs
        Em7/2   An Evaluation of the Impact of Employment Specialists in Drug Abuse Treatment
        P21     Manual for Working with Parents of Adolescent Drug Users
        P93     Drug Abuse Treatment in Prisons
        P95     Psychotherapy for Methadone Maintained Opiate Addicts
        V88     A Study of Volunteers in Drug Abuse Programs 
HE20.8217/4 NIDA Notes
        1982, 1985-1986
        1987: 2/3, 2/4
        4/1 - 4/2, 5/2

HE2.8224 Prevention Resources Series
        2/1 - 2/4
        3/1 - 3/4
        5 - 6

HE20.8227 Directions

HE20.8235 Drug Abuse Services Research Series

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