HE20.8102 - HE20.8130: National Institute of Mental Health

                National Institute of Mental Health

HE20.8102 General Publications
        Ab8             C43/9           F21             M74             R31/3/980
        Ac7             C43/10          F21/2           M85             R31/3/986
        Ad7/2           C43/11          F49             N32             R52
        Ad7/3           C43/12          F49/2           N39             R82
        Ad9             C43/13          F96             N93             R87/2
        Ad9/2           C43/14          G76             P21             R88
        Af2             C43/15          G76/2           P21/2           Sa1
        Ag4             C43/17          G76/2/979       P21/3           Sa2
        Ag4/2           C43/18          G76/4           P21/975         Sch3/4
        Ag4/4           C43/977         G76/5           P21/4           Sch3/5
        Ai7             C49             G94             P25             Sch3/6
        Al1             C61/2           H13/973         P43             Sch3/6/988/spanish
        Al7/985         C61/3/983       H19             P56             Sch3/7/pt.1
        Al9             C73/3/975/pt.4  H35             P56/2           Scr6
        Al9/2           C73/3/977       H75             P91             Se6/2
        As4             C73/5           H88             P92             Se8
        Au8             C73/6           In2             P94             Se9
        Au8/2           C73/977         In3             P95/2           Se9/3
        B11             C76             L34             P95/3           Se1
        B39/3           D36             L47             P95/4           Si1
        B73             D41             L47/2           P95/5           So1/2
        B73/2           D44             L62             P95/6           St4
        C18             D44/2           L71             P95/7           St8/2
        C18/981         D44/4           L71/2           P95/9           Sw5
        C18/984         D44/5           L86             Q2              T22
        C29             D52             M32             R11             T23/2
        C33             D63             M52/8           R18             T68
        C43             D63/2           M52/12          R18/2           T71
        C43/2           D63/8           M52/976-81      R18/3           V88
        C43/4           D84/8/978       M66             R18/4           Y8
        C43/6           Ed8             M66/4           R29             Y8/2
        C43/7           Ed8/2           M66/5           R31/3
        C43/8           Ev1             M66/8           R31/2
HE20.8108 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        Ag3             C76             F21/2           H88             P95/2/976
        As4             C83             F48             M52/2           R18
        C43             C86             F81             M52/3/973-78    R18/2
        C49             Ed8             F82             M52/4           R31/4
        C49/2           Ed8/975         F96             M98             Se9
        C49/3           Ed8/2           H79             N72             So1
        C49/4           El2             H81             P92             So8
        C73             F21             H81/2           P95     
HE20.8110 Mental Health Statistics Series
        A1 - A20
        B2 - B16
        C2 - C13
        D1 - D5

HE20.8110/2 Mental Health Service System Reports
        An1     The Assessment of Psychopathology and Behavioral Problems in Children
        CN1     Halfway Houses and Long-Term Community Residences for the Mentally Ill—1976 
        CN3     Hispanic Americans and Mental Health Services:  A Comparison of Admissions
        CN12    Specialty Mental Health Organizations, United States, 1986
        CN13    State and County Mental Health Hospitals—United States and Each State, 1986
        CN14    Specialty Mental Health Organizations, United States, 1988
        DN1     Use of Health and Mental Health Outpatient Services in Four Organized Health
                        Care Settings 
        DN2     Mental Health Services in Primary Care Settings: Report of a Conference
                        April 2-34, 1979
        DN3     Coordinated Mental Health Care in Neighborhood Health Centers
        FN1     Automated Management Information Systems for Mental Health Agencies
        FN3     A Cost-Effectiveness Methodology for Community Mental Health Centers
        GN1     Multivariate Statistical Methodologies Used in the International Pilot
                        Study of Schizophrenia
        HN1     Operations Research and the Mental Health Service System—vol. I-II
HE20.8112 Administration in Mental Health
        1972 - 1974, 1975/2

HE20.8113 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        Ar7     Art Therapy  1940-73
        P96/2   Publications Available from G.P.O.

HE20.8113/3 Publications of the National Institute of Mental Health

HE20.8113/6 New Publications From the National Institute of Mental Health

HE20.8114/3 Crime and Delinquency Topics, Monograph Series
        L41     Mental Health and Law: A System in Transition
        R76     Routinizing Evaluation: Getting Feedback on Effectiveness of Crime and
                        Delinquency Programs
HE20.8115/a Schizophrenia Bulletin—Separates 
        D84     New Directions in Drug Treatment for  Schizophrenia
        Sch35   Special Report: Schizophrenia  1980, 1987

HE20.8116 Statistical Notes
        27-36, 42, 44, 66-72, 74, 76-81, 83-106, 108-110, 113-120, 122-129, 133-139, 144, 
        146-150, 152, 154

HE20.8118 Alcohol, Drug abuse, Mental Health, Research Grant Awards, Fiscal Year
        1980 - 1983

HE20.8122/2 New Dimensions in Mental Health, Report from the Director
        B64     The Impact of the New Boomtowns
        C73     Responsible Community Care of Former Mental Hospital Patients
        F31     The Federal Government and Psychiatric Education
        M28     Making It in 19th Century Urban America
        Ob7     Obstacles to Treatment for Blue-Collar Workers
        R88     A New Day in Rural Mental Health Services
        W84     How Women See Their Roles: A Change in Attitudes

HE20.8123 Mental Health Directory

HE20.8125 Primary Prevention Publication Series
        L84     Preventing the Harmful Consequences of Severe and Persistent Loneliness
        P93     Primary Prevention: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
        P93/2   Primary Prevention in Mental Health: An Annotated Bibliography
        St8/2   Stressful Life Even Theory and Research: Implications for Primary Prevention 
HE20.8127 Mental Health in Deafness
        Exp. Issue 1 - 4

HE20.8129 Directory of Halfway Houses and Community Residences for the Mentally Ill

HE20.8130 Caring About Kids
        D64     Caring About Kids When Parents Divorce
        P69     The Importance of Play  1985
HE20.8132 Studies in Social Change 80-846

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