HE20.8002 - HE20.8013: Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration

                Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration

HE20.8002 General Publications
        Ab2     Substance Abuse Service in Primary Care: Nurse Practitioners and
                        Physician Assistants
        Am3     Meeting America’s Needs
        D26     National Data Book  1980, 1982
        D63     Disaster Work and Mental Health: Prevention and Control of Stress Among Workers
        D84     Highlights from Drugs and the Class of ’78: Behaviors, Attitudes, and Recent
                        National Trends
        Ea3     Proceedings of the 7th Annual Eagleville Conference
        Ed8     Medical Education in Drug and Alcohol Abuse
        Em7     Putting and Employee Newsletter Together
        Ep4     Epidemiology, Health Systems Research, and Statistics/Data Systems
        F11     Drug Abuse Facts
        F22     Fargo: Confronting the City on the Lonesome Plains
        H43     Heroin Indicators Trend Report—An Update
        J98     Juvenile Offenders with Serious Drug, Alcohol, and Mental Health Problems
        K76     Knowledge Transfer Roundtable
        M31     Report of the ADAMHA Manpower Policy Analysis Task Force
        M46     Medical Care
        M54     Merit Promotion Program
        P27     Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records and Child Abuse
                        and Neglect Reporting
        P92     Summary Proceedings—Tripartite Conference on Prevention
        P92/2   ADAMHA Prevention Policy and Programs  1979-1982
        P96/2   Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration—Public Advisory Committees
HE20.8008 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        C18     ADAMHA Career Development Handbook  1980
        C73/2   Communications Network Handbook
        Ev1     Handbook for Evaluating Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programs
        In7     NDATUS Instructional Manual
        St2     NDATUS State Data Collection Procedures and Quality Control Manual
        T71     Title XX Handbook for Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Programs
        V82     Initial Visit

HE20.8013 ADAMHA News
        Publication Listing
HE20.8016 Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Mental Health Research Grant Awards 978

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