HE20.7102 - HE20.7209: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - Bureau of Health Education

                National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health   

HE20.7102 General Publications
        B74     Maintaining and Donning Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
        C82     Costs and Benefits of Occupational Health Nursing
        C83     Catalogue of Courses
        Eq5     Certified Equipment List
        Gr76    Research and Demonstration Grants Awarded in Fiscal Year 1980
        H88     Part of the Human Condition
        H88/2   Human-Factors and Systems Principles for Occupational Safety and Health
        In5     Theoretical Investigation of Inlet Characteristics for Personal Aerosol Samplers
        In2/4   Self-Evaluation Instrument—Phosphate Fertilizer Industry
        In2/5   Index of Signs and Symptoms of Industrial Diseases
        M46     OSHA Medical Surveillance Requirements and Niosh Recommendations
        Oc1/3   Occupational Safety and Health Symposia
        Oc1/4   Occupational Safety and Health Directory
        R29     Proceedings of a Workshop on Methodology for Assessing Reproductive Hazards
                        in the Workplace
        Sa1     Safety in Manual Materials Handling
        Sa1/2   Self-evaluation of Occupational Safety and Health Programs
        St2/2   Standards, Interpretations and Audit Criteria for Performance of Occupational
                        Health Programs
        St8/2   Proceedings of  ... Occupational Stress Conference
        T76     Powered Industrial Truck Operators

HE20.7108 NIOSH Health and Safety Guides
        An1     NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods—vol. 1/pt.1, vol. 4-7
        C42/2   Hazards in the Chemistry Laboratory—Student Manual

HE20.7111/2 NIOSH Technical Reports
        Ai7/2   Environmental Exposure to Airborne Contaminants in the Antimony Industry  1975-76
        At7     Collaborative Testing of NIOSH Atomic Absorption Method
        B44     Extent of Exposure Survey of Benzyl Chloride
        C18     Development and Validation of Career Development Guidelines
        C62     Development of Performance Criteria for Protective Clothing Used Against
                        Carcinogenic Liquids
        C63     Potential Health Hazards Involved with Coal Gasification
        Et3     An Industrywide Industrial Hygiene Study of Ethylene Dibromide
        F82     An Evaluation of Occupational Health Hazard Control Technology for the Foundry
        H34     Health Consequences of Shift Work
        M66     Preparation and Characterization of Analytical Reference Minerals
        M84     Mortality Experience of the AFL-CIO United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners
                        of America  1969-1970 and 1972-1973
        N53     Environmental Exposure to Airborne Contaminants in the Nickel Industry  1976-77
        N69     A Report on the Performance of Personal Noise Dosimeters
        N69/3   A Field Investigation of Noise Reduction Afforded by Insert-Type Hearing
        P91     Preemployment Strength Testing
        P94     Development of a Prototype Service-Life Indicator for Organic Vapor Respirators
        P96     Estimates of Pulmonary and Gastrointestinal Deposition for Occupational Fiber
        T83     Tumors Induced in C3H/HeJ Mice by Coal Tar Neutral Subfractions

                Bureau of Health Education

HE20.7209/2 Current Awareness in Health Education
        1982/1, 1982/2, 1983/1 - 1983/12, 1984/1 - 1984/3

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