HE20.6002 - HE20.6110: Health Resources Administration - Bureau of Health Planning

                Health Resources Administration

HE20.6002 General Publications
        H34/3   Health in America  1776-1976
        P19/3   Conditions for Change in the Health Care System
        R26     Regionalization & Health Policy

HE20.6022 Health Planning Newsletter for Governing Body Members
        1-3, 5-20

                Bureau of Health Planning

HE20.6102  General Publications
        Ap6             D62             M46/2           N93/9           P56/2
        Ap6/2           Ed8             M56             N93/10          P94
        Ar3/2           F11             N93/974         N93/11          P94/2
        Ar3/3           H34/2           N93/3/973-74    N93/12          St2
        Ar3             H34/3           N93/4           N93/13          St2/2
        C18             H34/6           N93/5           Oc1/973         T18
        C82             H79             N93/6           Oc1/976
        D43             H79/2           N93/7           Os7
        D43/2           M46             N93/8           P56
HE20.6110/2 Health Planning Information Series
        1-7, 10-12, 14-22
        C81     Corporate Author Index
        P43     Personal Author Index
        Su1     Subject Index
        T53     Title Index

HE20.6110/3 Health Planning Methods and Technology Series
        1-4, 9-12, 14-17, 19-21

HE20.6110/4 International Health Planning Series

HE20.6110/5 Health Planning in Action
        C18     Achieving Equal Access to Quality Health Care 
        D69     Allocating Health Care Dollars and Services in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan
                        and Nebraska

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