HE20.2751 - HE20.3018: Maternal and Child Health Service - National Institutes of Health

                Maternal and Child Health Service

HE20.2751 Annual Report

HE20.2752 General Publications
        Ab7     The Effect of Changes in the State Abortion Laws
        Am3     Health of the American Indian
        An2     Use of Ancillary Health Personnel in Maternal and Child Health Projects
        B53     Trends in Low Birth Weight Ratios:  1950-68
        C43     The Children and Youth Projects
        F32     Feeding the Child with a Handicap
        H19     Group Treatment for Parents of Handicapped Children
        H34/3   Promoting the Health of Mothers and Children 1971
        L95     Practices of Low-Income Families in Feeding Infants and Small Children  
        M52     Clinical Programs for Mentally Retarded Children  1969
        N16     Neonatal Narcotic Addiction
        M56     Rare Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Children with Mental Retardation
        N95     Maternal Nutrition and the Course of Pregnancy
        N95/2   Screening Children for Nutritional Status:  Suggestions for Child Health Programs
        P52/2   Phenylketonuria
        P58     What do you know about PKU?
        P94     Maternal & Child Nursing  1971-72
        P94/2   Maternal and Child Health Service Programs  1971-72
        P94/3   Maternal & Child Health Service  1972-73
        R31     Research to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children  1973
        Si1/2   Sickle Cell Anemia
        So1     The Social Worker and Family Planning
        V82     Vision Screening of Children
HE20.2755 Laws
        P52     State Laws Pertaining to Phenylketonuria as of November 1970

HE20.2758 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        C26     A Developing Approach to Casefinding
        N95     Nutrition and Feeding of Infants and Children Under Three in Group Day Care
        P52     Recommended Guidelines for PKU Programs for the Newborn

HE20.2759 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        En2     Publications of the Centre International de l’Enfance Coordinated Growth Studies
        G13     Galactosemia—Annotated Bibliography
        L46     Selected Bibliography on Lead Poisoning in Children
        P96     Publications of the Maternal and Child Health Service  1971, 1972
        So1     Selected References for Social Workers on Family Planning: an Annotated List
        Sp3     Bibliography on Speech, Hearing and Language in Relation to Mental Retardation

HE20.2760 MCHS Statistical Series

HE20.2761 Maternal and Child Health Information

                Bureau of Community Environmental Management

HE20.2852 General Publications
        F59     The Flake and His Secret Plan
        L46     Lead Paint Poisoning in Children ... a Problem in you Community?
        P75     Poisoning and Intoxication by Trace Elements in Children

                National Institutes of Health

HE20.3002 General Publications
        Ex8     NIH Extramural Programs
        F98/2   Our Future Selves: Report of the Panel on Research on Human Services and Delivery
        F98/3   Our Future Selves: Report of the Panel on Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
        F98/4   Our Future Selves: Report of the Panel on Biomedical Research
        F98/5   Our Future Selves: Summary Reports      
        H92     Commission for the Control of Huntington’s Disease and Its Consequences—vol. 4,
HE20.3008 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        C61/2   Clinical Pathology and Transfusion Medicine Guide
        G76     A Guide to Grand and Award Programs  1970, 1972
        F48     Health Careers Film Guide
        H88     The Institutional Guide to DHEW Policy on Protection of Human Services
        H99     Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of the Hypertensive Patient
        M46     NIH Guide to Extramural Support of Research in Instrumentation and Medical
                        Device Development
        M46/2   Medline Users Manual and Thesaurus—vol.1-2
        M72     MLAB Reference Manual 1984
        Su7     Supervisor’s Employee Training and Development Survival Handbook

HE20.3008/2 NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts

HE20.3012 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        B62     Catalog of Consumer and Professional Education Materials on High Blood Pressure
        D75     Down’s Syndrome (Mongolism): A Reference Bibliography
        H53     Patient Education in High Blood Pressure 
        M31     A Technology of Health Manpower Utilization: Measurement and Evaluation

HE20.3013/2 Biomedical Index to PHS-Supported Index
        1985-1987, 1990-1992 

HE20.3014 Resources for Biomedical Research and Education, Reports
        19, pt.1

HE20.3018 NIH Public Advisory Groups: Authority, Structure, Functions
        1970 - 1981, 1983 - 1984
        1970/2 - 1971/2
        1975/2 - 1980/2
        1983/2 - 1984/2

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