HE20.2552 - HE20.2708: Community Health Service - Federal Health Program Service

                Community Health Service

HE20.2552 General Publications
        C73/2   A Directory of Selected Community Health Services Funded Under Section 314(e)
                        of the Public Health Service Act—July 1970, May 1971, July 1972
        C73/4   The Community Health Service
        Ex8     Utilization Review in Extended Care Facilities 
        H34     A Directory of State and Areawide Comprehensive Health Planning Agencies 
                        Supported Under Section 314, Public Health Service Act  1969, 1970
        H75/2   A Utilization Review Program for Home Health Agencies
        P91     The Relevance of Prepaid Group Practice to the Effective Delivery of Health
        P96     Community Health Service  1971-72

HE20.2558 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        Am1     Medical Record Manual for Ambulatory Health Centers
        H75     A Guide for Promoting Home Health Services
        L86     Long-Term Care Facility Administration—Case Study Manual
        N93     The Licensed Practical Nurse as Charge Nurse—Instructor’s Guide
        N93/2   The Licensed Practical Nurse as Charge Nurse—Trainee Text and Study Guide
        N95     A Guide to Nutrition and Food Service
        O1      Working With Older People—Biological, Psychological and Sociological Aspects
                        of Aging
        Ol1     Working With Older People—The Aging Person: Needs and Services
        Or3     A Conceptual Model of Organized Primary Care and Comprehensive Community
                        Health Services
        Si1     Sickness and Poverty: A Handbook for Community Workers
        Su7     Activities Supervisor’s Guide

HE20.2588/2 Manual for Review and Comment

                Regional Medical Programs Service 

HE20.2602 General Publications
        B73     Minimal Brain Damage in Children
        B73/2   Minimal Brain Dysfunction in Children
        F11     Regional Medical Programs

                Federal Health Program Service

HE20.2702 General Publications
        Al1     Alcoholism and the Federal Employee
        Al1/2   HSMHA Employee Health Program on Alcoholism

HE20.2708 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 
        Al1     HSMHA Supervisors’ Guide on Alcohol Abuse

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