HE20.2402 - HE20.2429: National Institute of Mental Health

                National Institute of Mental Health

HE20.2402 General Publications
        Ad9             C43/972         D84/12          H75             N21/2/970
        Ag4/3           C43/3           D84/13          H75/2           N73
        Al1             C43/4           D84/15          In3             N93
        Al1/2           C65             D84/18/972      In8             Of2
        Al1/3           C73/4           D84/19          L47             Of2/2
        Al1/5           C73/5           Ed8             L59             P95/9-P95/11
        Al1/7           C73/6           Em3             L71             P96, Q4
        Al1/8           C86             Et2             M26/970         Sch3
        Al1/10          D44/3           Ex7/2           M33/3/972       Sch3/2
        Al1/11          D44/4/973       Ex7/2/973       M46             Sch6
        Al1/13          D84/2           F21             M52/3           So1/2
        Al1/14          D84/3           F89             M56/970         Sp2
        Am7             D84/4           G91             M57             Su3
        B39             D84/5           H13             M91             V68/2
        B52             D84/6           H15             N16/3/968-69    V88
        C43             D84/7           H36             N16/7/971       V88/2

HE20.2408 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        C56     Promoting Mental Health in the Classroom
        D84     A Guide to Drug Abuse Education and Information Materials  1971-72
        D84/3   Effective Coordination of Drug Abuse Programs
        H88     Research & Human Services
        Op2     Operations Research to the Management of Mental Health Systems
        Se6/3   Planning for Creative Change in Mental Health Services: Use of Program Evaluation
        Se6     Planning for Creative Change in Mental Health Services:  A Distillation of
                        Principles on Research Utilization ...
        Se6/4   Planning for Creative Change in Mental Health Services: A Manual on Research
        So1     The Social Seminar

HE20.2408/2 Social Seminar Discussion Guides
        D84/3   The Social Seminar: What Will Happen if ...
        Ed8     The Social Seminar: Education, Drugs, and Society

HE20.2409 Psychopharmacology Bulletin
        P49     Psychopharmacology Bulletin:  Pharmacotherapy of Children

HE20.2412 National Institute of Mental Health Support Programs
        1969, 1971-72

HE20.2413 Bulletin of Suicidology
        2, 4-8

HE20.2413/2 Bulletin of Suicidology, Supplements
        Y8      Suicide Among Youth

HE20.2416 Drug Dependence

HE20.2417 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 
        Al1/2   Psychological Studies of Alcohol and Alcoholism
        Al1/3   Subject Area Bibliography on Occupational Alcoholism Programs
        C43     Behavior Modification in Child and School Mental Health
        C43/2   Selected References on the Abused and Battered Child
        Ep4     Bibliography: Epidemiology of Mental Disorders  1966-68, 1969-70
        H88     Bibliography on Human Intelligence

HE20.2418 Mental Health Directory

HE20.2419 Mental Health Program Reports

HE20.2425 Innovations, Mental Health Services, Progress Reports

HE20.2428 Alcohol and Health Notes
        1/1, 1/3

HE20.2429 National Clearinghouse for Mental Health Information Abstracts
        C43     The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child

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