HE20.2 - HE20.2310: Public Health Service - Center for Disease Control

                Public Health Service

HE20.2 General Publications
        H34/2   Forward Plan for Health  1977-81
        Y8/2    The Prevention of Youth Violence
HE20.11 Bibliography Series

HE20.18 Forward Plan for Health

HE20.21 Health, United States

HE20.25/2 Health Consequences of Smoking

HE20.27 National HMO Census of Prepaid Plans

                Health Services and Mental Health Administration

HE20.2008 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        G76     Guidelines: Regional Medical Programs

HE20.2015 Directory of Local Health and Mental Health Units

HE20.2018 Public Health Monograph Series

                National Center for Health Services Research and Development

HE20.2102 General Publications
        C76     Effects of Continued Care:  A Study of Chronic Illness in the Home
        C29     Catalog of Health Services Research and Development—Report Abstracts
                        and Data 1967-71
        P56     Determinants of Expenditures
        Us2     Health Service Use National Trends and Variations  1953-71

HE20.2108 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        H34     Guidelines for Producing Uniform Data for Health Care Plans

                National Center for Health Statistics

HE20.2202 General Publications
        C43     The Health of Children   1970
        C78     The Cooperative Federal-State-Local Health Statistics System
        C83     Hospitals: A County and Metropolitan Area Data Book—Sect. 1-2
        L34     Health in the Later Years of Life
HE20.2211 Annual Report of the United States National Committee on Vital and
                Health Statistics

                Center for Disease Control

HE20.2310 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

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