HE19.302 - HE19.338: National Center for Educational Statistics

                National Center for Educational Statistics 

HE19.302 General Publications
        Ad9             Ed8/2           L11/971-72      P94/976         St9
        Ad9/2           Ed8/3/979       L86/3           P96/972-73      St9/2
        Ad9/3           Ed8/4/971-72    L86/4           R22             Su7
        Am3             Ed8/4/972-73    L86/5           R22/2           T22                     
        As7             Ed8/5           L86/6           Sa3/974-75      Un8/978
        At2/3           Ed8/6/977-78    L86/7           Sa3/975076      V85
        B56	        E12/972-74      L86/8           Sch6/969-70     W84/970-75
        B78/973		Em7             L86/9           Sci2            W84/2/969-75
        C68/977-78	En7/975         L86/10          So1             W84/3
        C76, C76/2      F31             P86             So1/2/970       W84/4
        D65/970-75      H62             P94/974         St2/971         Y8

HE19.303 Bulletins
        1979/2, 1981-1984

HE19.308 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        B85/977         Postsecondary Education:  A Manual for Budgeting and Accounting
        F49/975         Higher Education Finance Manual  1975
        L86             Base-Year and First Follow-Up Data File Users Manual
        Sk3             Basic Life Skills:  Results Manual
HE19.308/2 State Educational Records and Reports Series.  Handbooks.
        3-5, 7, 10-11, Glossary 

HE19.309 HEGIS IX Requirements and Specifications for Surveys of ...
        D36/973-74      Degrees and Other Formal Awards Conferred between  July 1, 1973 and
                                June 30, 1974
        F49/974         Financial Statistics of Institutions of Higher Education for Fiscal
                                Year Ending 1974
        In7/974-75      Institutional Characteristics of Colleges and Universities  1974-75
        P56/974         Inventory of College and University Physical Facilities  1974
        St9/974         Students Enrolled for Advanced Degrees Fall 1974

HE19.310 Inventory of Physical Facilities in Institutions of Higher Education
        1970-1971, 1974

HE19.311 Sponsored Reports Series
        An2     Anchor Test Study:  School, Classroom, and Pupil Correlates of Fifth-Grade
                        Reading Achievement
        B56     The Influence of High School Racial Composition on Black College Attendance
                        and Test Performance
        F31     Federal Policy Issues and Data Needs in Postsecondary Education
        L61     Survey of Federal Libraries  1972
        L86     National Longitudinal Study of the High School Class of 1972
        L86/2   First Follow-up Survey Design, Instrument Preparation, Data Collection,
                        and File Development
        L86/3   National Longitudinal Study of the High School Class of 1972
        L86/4   Review and Annotation of Study Reports
        L86/5   National Longitudinal Study Data Collection Activities for the Third Follow-Up
        L86/6   National Longitudinal Study Base Year, First, Second, and Third Follow-Up Data
                        File Users Manual
        L86/7   Tabular Summary of the Third Follow-Up Questionnaire Data
        L86/8   Tabular Summary of the Second Follow-Up Questionnaire Data 2  Years After School
        L86/9   A Capsule Description of Young Adults Four and One-Half Years after High School
        P38     A Bibliography of Demand and Supply of Education Personnel
        P84     Issues in Post-Secondary Education
        T22     The State of Teacher Education 1977
        T68     Transfer Student in Institutions of Higher Education
        W77     Withdrawal from Institutions of Higher Education
        W84     Barriers to Women’s Participation in Postsecondary Education
HE19.312 National Assessment of Education Progress: Reports
        BR-2            04-S-03         05-W-02         07-CS-01        09-CSK-03       
        BRS-1           04-S-20         05-W-03         07-CS-02        09-MA-03
        03-SS-20        04-MA-21        05-W-04         07-SS-01        09-MA-04
        03-SS-21        04-S-20         05-W-20         07-CS-21        09-MA-21
        3/4-GIY         05-COD-20       06-A-01         08-BLS-21       09-MA-40
        04-MA-02        04-S-21         06-A-02         08-E-01         09-MA-01
        04-MA-20        05-COD-00       06-A-03         08-S-00         09-MA-02
        04-MA-00        05-COD-01       06-A-21         08-H-01         10-A-25
        04-S-00         05-COD-02       06-R-01         08-S-02         11-RL-10
        04-S-01         05-COD-21       06-R-21         08-S-21
        04-S-02         05-W-01         07-C-00         09-CN-01

HE19.312/2 National Assessment of Educational Progress
        C18     Career and Occupational Development Objectives, Second Assessment
        M42     Mathematics Objectives, Second Assessment
        Sci2    The Third Assessment of Science, 1976-77

HE19.314 Condition of Education
        1975-1977/pt.2, 1978-1979

HE19.316 Financial Statistics of Institutions of Higher Education: Property
        1972-73, 1972-73/state, 1975/state, 1975/corr.
HE19.316/2 Financial Statistics of Institutions of Higher Education, Current Funds,
                Revenues, and Expenditures

HE19.317 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        C28     Catalogue of Publications  1979-2

HE19.318/2 Statistics of Local Public School Systems, Finance

HE19.318/3 Statistics of State School Systems

HE19.318/4 Statistics of Local Public School Systems: Pupils and Staff

HE19.319 Adult Basic and Secondary Level Program Statistics, Students and Staff Data

HE19.321 Vocational Education: Schools for Careers, an Analysis of Occupational Courses Offered
                by Secondary and Postsecondary Schools

HE19.322 Institutions of Higher Education, Index by State and Congressional District

HE19.323 Bond Sales for Public School Purposes

HE19.324 Education Directory: Colleges and Universities

HE19.324/2 Education Directory: Public School Systems

HE19.324/3 Education Directory: State Education Agency Officials

HE19.325 Fall Enrollment in Higher Education
        1972-1977, 1974/analytic

HE19.325/2 Postsecondary Education Fall Enrollment in Higher Education: Institutional Data

HE19.327 Preprimary Enrollment, October

HE19.328 Higher Education Basic Student Charges
        1974-75, 1972-74

HE19.329 Earned Degrees Conferred

HE19.330 Students Enrolled for Advanced Degrees

HE19.331 Annual Conference on Higher Education, General Information Survey 

HE19.332 Salaries and Fringe Benefits

HE19.333 Associate Degrees and Other Formal Awards Below the Baccalaureate

HE19.334 Summary of Offerings and Enrollments in Public and Secondary Schools

HE19.334/2 Course Offering, Enrollments, and Curriculum, Practices in Public Secondary Schools

HE19.335 Neglected or Delinquent Children Living in State Operated or Supported Institutions

HE19.338 Library Statistics of Colleges and Universities
        1973/pt.A-B, 1975

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