HE19.202 - HE19.220: National Institute of Education

                National Institute of Education

HE19.202 General Publications
        B49             Ed8/2           F96/3           M91/2/976               Se9
        B56             Ed8/3           G76             M91/2/977-78            Se9/2
        C28             Ed8/4           G76/977         N21i/3                  St2
        C73             Ed8/5           G76/2           N21i/4/final            St2/2
        C73/2           Ed8/6/v.1       G76/2/977       N39                     St2/3
        C73/3           Ed8/6/v.2       G76/4           N73                     St9
        C73/4           Ed8/977         H53/977         P11                     Su8
        C86             El2             H75             P41                     T19
        D26             En7             Id2             P91                     T22
        D36             Eq2             In8             P94/2/979               T22/3
        D45             Eq5             L26             P96                     T28
        D45/3           Ex7/978         L47             R22/summ                T68/6
        D45/4/supp      Ex7/2           L47/2           R22/panel3              V82
        D45/5           F49/2           L62             R22/2                   V85
        D45/6           F49/3/976       M42             R31                     W84
        D49             F49/4           M66             R31/2                   
        D62             F96             M85             Sch6/3                  
        Ec7             F96/2           M91             Sci2
HE19.208 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        C18     Directions in Career Education
        Ed8     ERIC: What it can do for you/How to use it
        Ed8/2   How to use ERIC  1979
        Ed8/3   Educational Information and Advisement Services 
        Ed8/5   How to Start an ERIC Collection
        F49     Plain Talk About School Finance
        H53     Higher Education Planning: A Bibliographic Handbook
        R31     Key Resources in Career Education: An Annotated Guide
        Sch6    School Finance Reform: A Legislators’ Handbook
        T28     Educational Testing Facts and Issues: A Layperson’s Guide to Testing in the
        W84     Women’s Studies: Evaluation Handbook

HE19.209 Information, Quarterly Newsletter of the National Institute of Education
        1/3, 2/3

HE19.212 NIE Papers in Education and Work
        2-4, 6-9

HE19.213 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 
        P96     Publications and Papers
        Se9     Sex Role Socialization and Sex Discrimination:  A Bibliography

HE19.214 National Council of Education Research: Annual Report
        1975, 1977-1978

HE19.216 Grants Competitions and RFPS: Planned NIE Activities During the Fiscal Year 
        1979, 1979-2

HE19.220 Women’s Studies, Monographs Series
        C15     The Impact of Women’s Studies on the Campus and the Disciplines
        C18     The Relationship Between Women’s Studies, Career Development, and Vocational
        C28     Women’s Studies As a Catalyst for Faculty Development
        C73     Women’s Studies in the Community College
        R25     Re-entry Women Involved in Women’s Studies
        T22     The Effectiveness of Women’s Studies Teaching

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