HE18: National Institute of Education

                National Institute of Education

HE18.2 General Publications
        C18             Essays on Career Education
        C18/2/975       Program Plan or Fiscal Year 1975
        Er4             How to Use ERIC
        G76             National Institute of Education
        L47             Learning Disabilities:  Issues and Recommendations for Research
        R24             Recurrent Education

HE18.9 PREP Reports

HE18.12 Model Programs, Title III, Elementary and Secondary Education Act
        B21     Model Early Childhood Learning Program—Baltimore,  Maryland
        F77w    Central Cities Educational Development Center—Fort Worth, Texas
        M94     Pre-School Development Project—Murfreesboro, Tennessee
        On8     Cross-Age Teaching—Ontario, California
        P96     Pullman Elementary School Physical Fitness Program—Pullman, Washington
        Si3     Bilingual Bicultural Demonstration Center—Silver City, New Mexico
        So8p    Specialized Language Activities for the Rural Disadvantaged—South Paris, Maine
        W52     Cooperative Individualized Reading Project—Westport, Connecticut

HE18.13 ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies, Social Science Education: Interpretive Studies 

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