HE17.702 - HE17.811: Public Services Administration - Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration

                Public Services Administration

HE17.702 General Publications
        C26             Casework Services in Public Assistance Medical Care
        C43             School Age Child Care
        F31             Federal Assistance and Services:  for Individuals and Families During
                                Natural Disasters
        G76             Federal Grants for Training Personnel for the Field of Child Welfare
        H75             "A Right to a Decent Home ..."
        M46             Public Assistance Social Services Related to Medicaid
        N31             Profile of Neglect
        Ol1             Protective Services Project for Older Adults
        Op5             Door to Opportunity
        R31             Retarded Children of the Poor
        So1             Determining Functions and Activities of the Public Social Service Agency
                                in the Separated System
        So1/2           Social Services Effectiveness Study
        So1/3           Alternative Approaches to Program Planning Coordination in Social
                                Services Planning
        So1/4/plan      Preparation and Format for State Social Service Program Plans in Social
                                Services Planning
        So1/4/program   Alternative Approaches to Program Development in Social Services Planning
        So1/4/public    Techniques for Public Information, Participation, Review and Comment in
                                Social Services Planning
        So1/4/resource  Techniques for Resource Allocation in Social Services Planning
        So1/5           Techniques for Needs Assessment in Social Services Planning
HE17.708 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        B61     Social Services for Persons who are Blind
        P94     Protective Services for Abused and Neglected Children and Their Families
        Se5     Program Regulation Guide on the Separation of Services from Assistance Payments
        Se6     The Separation of Services from Assistance Payments: A Guide for State Agencies
        Se7     Determining Functions and Activities of the Public Social Service Agency in the
                        Separated System
        St1     Differential Use of Staff in Family and Child Welfare Services
        St2     Guideline for the Preparation of State Emergency Welfare Services Plans
HE17.709 Services to AFDC Families, annual Report to Congress

                Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration

HE17.802 General Publications
        D37     A Situation Approach to Delinquency Prevention
        D37/2   Toward A Political Definition of Juvenile Delinquency
        D37/3   Delinquency Prevention Strategies
        D37/4   Delinquency Prevention Through Youth Development
        H36     Better Ways to Help Youth
        H79     Hotline For Youth
        In8     Youth Involvement
        J98/2   Juvenile Delinquency Planning
        L41     Law as an Agent of Delinquency Prevention
        P94     A Study of Practice Theory in Probation/Parole
        Q4      A Quiet Revolution
        St2     Report of the First National Workshop for State Committees for Children and Youth
        V88     Volunteers Help Youth
        Y8      Youth and Violence
        Y8/4    Youth Service Bureaus: A National Study
        Y8/5    Youth Service Bureaus and Delinquency Prevention
        Y8/6    The Challenge of Youth Service Bureaus

HE17.808 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        L52     Legislative Guide for Drafting State-Local Programs on Juvenile Delinquency

HE17.809 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        C83     Juvenile and Family Courts & Supplement
HE17.810 Delinquency Prevention Reporter
        1970: 5, 6/7, 7
        1971: 1, 3-6, 911
        1972: 1-2
        1973: 2

HE17.811 Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Control Act of 1968, Grants

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