HE17.2 - HE17.29: Social and Rehabilitation Service

                Social and Rehabilitation Service

HE17.2 General Publications
        D34/2           Research Trends in Deafness—State of the Art
        D84/2           Youthful Drug Use
        Ea7             The Status of EPSD&T
        Em7             Impediments to Employment
        G75             The Cost and Output of Graduate Social Work Education
        G76             Long Term and Short Term Training Grants
        H88/2           Integration of Human Services in HEW—vol. 1
        In8/961-969     International Research and Demonstration Projects
        J98/2           State Responsibility for Juvenile Detention Care
        L62             Low-Income Life Styles
        N21             National Social Service Systems
        N93             The Registered Nurse Consultant to Intermediate Care Facilities
        P39             Research for People in Need
        P94/2           A Report on Professional Health Provider Participation
        P94/3           State Public Information Officers Representing SRS Program Areas
        P96/4/972       Funds, by Source, Expended for Public Assistance Payments
        Q2/2            Quality Control in AFDC—National Findings, Jan-June 1974
        Q2/4            Quality Control of Negative Case Actions in AFDC, Adult and Medicaid
        R31             SRS Research Information Systems Thesaurus
        So1             The Social Services and Related Manpower
        So1/4           Social Services in International Perspective
        St2/2           State Expenditures for Public Assistance Programs, 1976, 1976-2
        W45             Welfare Policy and its Consequences for the Recipient Population
HE17.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions
        So1             Compilation of Regulations—Social and Rehabilitation Service, 1973

HE17.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        An2             A Trainer’s Guide to Andragogy, and 1973 revision
        D43             A Guide to Dental Care
        F31             Training for Federal Quality Control Review
        F31/2           Federal Quality Control:  Monitoring Guide
        G76/972         Research Grants, Demonstration Grants, Training Grants, Service Grants
        L29             Lao Refugee Orientation Handbook
        M46/instr       Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control:  Instructor’s Guide
        M46/train       Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control:  Training Guide
        M46/sec.1       Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control:  Objectives and Administration
        M46/sec. 2      Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control:  Sampling Methods
        M46/sec. 3      Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control:  The Review Process
        M46/sec. 4      Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control:  Reports
        M46/sec. 5      Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control:  Decision Making Process for
                                Corrective Action
        M46/2           Medicaid: Medical Review in Skilled Nursing Homes and Mental Hospitals
        P94             SRS Project Grants Policy Handbook
        P96/975         SRS Publications
        P96/2           Public Information Guide
        Q2/sec. 3       Quality Control in AFDC: Case Review Process
        Q2/sec.3-A      Quality Control in AFDC: Case Review Process
        Q2/sec. 4       Quality Control in AFDC: Reports and Statistical Analysis
        R32             A Guide to the Use of the SRS Research Information System:  Instruction
        Scr6            A Guide to Screening 

HE17.9 Welfare in Review 
	v.1-10 (1963-1972)

HE17.15 Research , Annotated List of Research and Demonstration Grants
        1970, 1974, 1976

HE17.17 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 
        P79     Poor People at Work
        P96     SRS Publications  1971-72

HE17.18 Research and Demonstrations Brief
        3/3, 1/8, 2/4, 2/9, 4/1, 5/1, 5/3

HE17.19 Public Assistance Reports
        39, 49-50, 50/2, 50/3, 50/4, 51

HE17.20 National Citizens Conference on Rehabilitation of the Disabled and Disadvantaged
        L52     Legal Rights of the Disabled and Disadvantaged
        M71     The Goal is: Mobility!
        P39     People Power: A Report of the Conference
        R26     Financing Rehabilitation Services 
        R26/2   Delivering Rehabilitation Services

HE17.23 Statistical Series

HE17.24 Working Papers

HE17.25 Research Reports
        1, 3

HE17.25/2 Program Application Reports

HE17.26 Human Needs
        1/1-1/3, 1/6-1/10

HE17.28 Annual Report of the Welfare Programs

HE17.29 Reports Bulletin

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