HE17.102 - HE17.508: Rehabilitation Services Administration- Medical Services Administration

                Rehabilitation Services Administration

HE17.102 General Publications
        Ac7             Achievement   1971
        Al1             Coordinated Rehabilitation Services for People with Alcoholism
        D34/2           Expanded Mental Health Care for the Deaf
        D34/3           The Vocational Rehabilitation of Deaf People
        D63/3           New Vistas for Competitive Employment of Deaf Persons
        F11             Selected Rehabilitation Facilities in the United States 
        M52/2           The Psychiatrist’s Role in Rehabilitating the Mentally Disabled
        P21             What you Should Know about Paraplegia
        P95             Psychiatric Diagnosis, Therapy and Research on the Psychotic Deaf
        R26             Characteristics of Clients Rehabilitated in Fiscal Years 1966-70,
                                1967-71, 1968-72
        R31             Respite Care for the Retarded0
        Se5             Seminar and Workshop Materials for Fiscal Year 1975
        Sp3             The Family as Supportive Personnel in Speech and Hearing Remediation
        St2/3           State Data Book:  Federal-State Program of Vocational Rehabilitation
                                1970, 1972
        T73             Operation Tripod
        V85/2/920-69    Statistical History: Federal-State Program of Vocational Rehabilitation

HE17.108 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        B39     Issues Relating to Rehabilitation of Individuals with Behavioral Disorders
        D34     Perspectives in Education of the Deaf
        D34/2   Guidelines
        D63     Multiply Disabled Deaf Persons: A Manual for Rehabilitation Counselors
        D63/2   Deaf Leadership Training for Community Interaction
        P93     Principles and Practices for First-Line Supervisors in Rehabilitation
        V85     Vocational Rehabilitation of the Disabled Disadvantaged in a Rural Setting

HE17.109 Rehabilitation Record
        11-13, 14/1-14/5

HE17.111 Caseload Statistics State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
        1970, 1972

HE17.119 State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Program Data, Fiscal Year
        1970, 1971

HE17.119/2 State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency:  Fact Sheet Booklets
        1971, 1972

HE17.121 Special Reports
        1972: 1-2

                Administration on Aging

HE17.302 General Publications
        G31             Patterns: A Work Study Program in Social Gerontology
        Is7             Let’s End Isolation
        M46             Home Delivered Meals:  A National Directory
        M46/2           A Home Delivered Meals Program for the Elderly
        N95             Nutrition for the Elderly
        Ol1/2           Older Americans Act of 1965, As Amended
        P25             Partnership for Older Americans
        Se5/3           Senior Centers in the United States:  A Directory
        T68             Transportation and Aging
        W58/971         White House Conference on Aging 1971—First Reader

HE17.308 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        Ag4     Basic Concepts of Aging   1969, 1972

HE17.308/2 Information and Referral Services
        R22     Information and Referral Services: Reaching Out
        R31     Information and Referral Services:  The Resource File

HE17.310 Designs for Action for Older Americans
        St2     A Project Report on Statewide Community Organization

HE17.311 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        M46     Home-Delivered Meals
HE17.313 Patterns for Progress in Aging
P69     Patterns: A Plan to Span

                Assistance Payments Administration

HE17.402 General Publications
        B43     Bendex Beneficiary Data Exchange:  A Model System  1973, 1976
        B43/2   Bendex Beneficiary Data Exchange:  Texas & Virginia Systems Documentation
        P96/3   Quality Control in Public Assistance
        W89     Work Measurement and Work Simplification
        W89/3   National Workshops for Trainers of Income Maintenance Staff

HE17.408 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        In2     Guides to Improving the Income Maintenance Worker’s Manual
        In2/2   A Guide for Trainers and Instructor
        In8     Interviewing for Eligibility Determination
HE17.408/2 How They Do It, Illustrations of Practice in Administration of AFDC
        C43     Child Support Payments Control: Massachusetts, Washington
        Er7     Use of Error Profiles and Management Controls for Improving Program Operations
        F86     Fraud Control: California, New York
        In2     Managing the Intake Process in Income Maintenance: Minnesota, Washington
        P56     Photo I.D.’s: New York
        St2     State Monitoring of Local Office Performance:  Maine, Washington
        St2/2   Managing a State Income Maintenance Staff Training Program:  Florida, Texas
        Su7     Supervisory Case Review System: Minnesota
        Su7/2   Supervisory Review of Case Actions: New Mexico
        W12     Wage Record Clearance Systems:  Colorado, Oklahoma

                Medical Services Administration

HE17.502 General Publications
        M46/5   Medicaid: Compilation of Federal Requirements for Skilled Nursing Home
        M46/6   Medicaid: Medical Review in Skilled Nursing Homes and Mental Hospitals
        M46/8   Grants to States for Medical Assistance Programs
        M46/9   Medical and Health Seminars
        M46/10  Results of Medicaid Provider Review—Massachusetts 
        M48/6   Medicaid:  Payment of Reasonable Charges for Prescribed Drugs
        M48/2   Medicaid: Role of a State Medical Care Advisory Committee
        M48/5   Medicaid: Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis Treatment for Individuals
                        Under 21

HE17.508 Medical Services Administration
        Ea7/2   A Self-Instructional Module for Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis Treatment

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