HE1.6 - HE1.214: Department of Health and Human Services

                Department of Health and Human Services

HE1.6/6 Catalog of HEW Assistance Providing Financial Support and Services to States, 
           Communities, Organizations, Individuals

HE1.6/7 Grants Administration Manual
        trans.68.1-76.2/rep.                    trans.73-1
        trans.69.10 - trans.69.12               trans.74.1 - trans.74.3
        trans.70.1 - trans.70.16                trans.74.5 - trans.74.8
        trans.71.1 - trans.71.17                trans.75.1 - trans.75.6
        trans.72.1 - trans.72.3                 trans.76.1 - trans.76.10
        trans.72.5 - trans.72.10

HE1.18 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
        H19     Selected Publications Concerning the Handicapped

HE1.23/4 Programs of the Handicapped
        1970:  1-5              1977: 1-4
        1971:  4-6              1978: 2-3, 5
        1975: 3-5, 7            1979: 2-6
        1976: 1-7, 9            1980: 1-2

HE1.23/5 Mental Retardation Activities of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

HE1.23/6 Mental Retardation Source Book

HE1.49 Developmental Disabilities Abstracts

HE1.52 Technical Analysis Papers

HE1.53 Annual Report to Congress on Child Support Enforcement Program
        1976/supp, 1977

HE1.56 Sharing
        vol. 2:  nos. 1-3               vol. 5: nos. 3-5
        vol. 3: nos. 1-4                vol. 7: nos. 1-7
        vol. 4: nos. 2-3, 5-6   vol. 8: nos. 1-2

Administration on Aging

HE1.202 General Publications
        El2     Planning for the Elderly in Natural Disaster
        Em7     Employment and Volunteer Opportunities for Older People 1975, 1976
        F31     Current and Potential Areas of Federal Support and Interest in Aging Research
        H75     Homes for the Aged: Supervision and Standards
        H75/2   Homemaker-Home Health Aide Services
        H81     Congregate Housing for Older People
        Is7     Let’s End Isolation
        M72     Model Projects on Aging Program
        P12     Packaging Materials for Home Delivered Meals: A Study
        P96     Public Information Activities:  For State and Area Agencies on Aging
        So1     Evaluative Research on Social Programs for the Elderly

HE1.208 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
        As7     Guide to the Assessment of the State Agency on Aging
        B47     Older Americans Bicentennial Community Forums Handbook
        Ob3     Objective Setting and Monitoring
        Ob3/2   The Role of Objective Setting and Monitoring
        R31     The Law and Retirement

HE1.208/2 Information and Referral Services
        C76     I & R Program Configuration: A Guide for Statewide Planning
        In3/2   Information and Referral:  How to Do It  vol.1, pt.1-4
        R22     Reaching Out
        R31     Information and Referral Services:  Research Findings     vol.1 & app.1-2

HE1.214 National Directory of Educational Programs in Gerontology

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