HE1.302 - HE1.480: Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration - Children’s Bureau

                Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration

HE1.302 General Publications
        Ac8     Model Acts for Family Courts and State-Local Children’s Programs
        B46     Better Tomorrows
        F31     Catalog of Federal Youth Programs
        Im1/2   An Adjustment to Get a Clear Image
        P75     A Design for Youth Development Policy
        St2     Strategies for restructuring the State Department of Youth Services
        W89     Reaching Out With a New Breed of Worker
        Y8      The Legal Status of Runaway Children

HE1.308 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        J98     Improving Justice for Juveniles
        Y8      An Introductory Manual on Youth Participation for Program Administration
HE1.311 Youth Reporter
        1974: 6-12
        1975: 2-5

                Office of Child Development

HE1.402 General Publications
        C43     Child Abuse and Neglect:  A Report on the Status of the Research
        C43/2   Research, Demonstration, & Evaluation Studies on: "Child Abuse & Neglect"  1974
        C43/4   Child Care Programs in Nine Countries
        C43/5   The Child and Family Resource Program:  An Overview
        C43/6   The Effects of the Head Start Classroom Experience on Some Aspects of Child
        C43/8   Statistical Highlights for the National Child Care Consumer Study
        C43/9   200 Years of Children
        C73     Comprehensive Emergency Services
        F31     Selected Federal Programs Which Provide Services Relating to Child Care
        H75     Home Start and Other Programs for Parents and Children
        P94     Project Head Start
        R31     Research, Demonstration, and Evaluation Studies   1976
        T61     Tool Kit ’76
HE1.408 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        C43/2   My Teacher is a C.D.A.
        C43/3   A Descriptive Guide to CDA Training Materials
        H34     OCD-HS Head Start Policy Manual
        M72     Developing Learning Modules for Child Development Associate Training: A Guide

                Children’s Bureau

HE1.452 General Publications
        Ab9     Working with Abusive Parents
        Ab9/2   Report on the Implementation of Public Law 93-247, The Child Abuse Prevention and
                        Treatment Act
        Ad7/2   Model State Subsidized Adoption Act and Regulations
        Ad7/3   Subsidized Adoption in America
        C43     Using Title XX to Serve Children and Youth      
        C43/2   Child Advocacy Programs   1975
        C43/3   When Your Child Goes to the Hospital
        D49     Child Development in the Home 
        D54     The Diagnostic Process and Treatment Programs
        F26     Conque va a ser un nuevo padre?
        F81     National Action for Foster Children
        F81/2   Foster Care in Five States
        F81/4   Foster Family Services Selected Reading List
        In2     Indian Child Welfare
        L85     A Report on Longitudinal Evaluations of Preschool Programs
        On2     One-Parent Families
        Sh2     Sharing and Caring
        V67     Tips on the Care and Adjustment of Vietnamese and Other Asian Children in the
                        United States 
        W45     Child Welfare in 25 States—An Overview
HE1.458 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        C43/2   Becoming a Child Development Associate:  A Guide for Trainees
        Em3/2   Comprehensive Emergency Services:  Training Guide
HE1.459 Children Today

HE1.468 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        In2     Responding to Individual Needs in Head Start

HE1.469 Project Head Start Series

HE1.480 Child Abuse and Neglect
        Ab9             Working With Abusive Parents
        D54/977         The Diagnostic Process and Treatment Programs
        P69             Planning & Implementing Child Abuse & Neglect Service Programs
        P94             The Problem and its Management    vol. 1-3
        V88             Volunteers in Child abuse and Neglect Programs

HE1.480/2 Child Abuse and Neglect Reports
        1976: 2-3
        1977: 1-3
        1978: 1-2

HE1.480/4 Child Abuse and Neglect Programs
        1976, 1977 (1-10)

HE1.480/5 National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect Programs

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