D1 - D7: Department of Defense Bibliography - DCSC Fiscal Year Procurement Estimates Catalog

D1.33 Department of Defense Bibliography
          M31 Military Manpower Policy

D1.76 Index of Specifications and Standards
        1986/pt1/supp1-5                1995/v.1/pt1/supp.1, 3-5        2000/pt.1/supp1, 4-5
             pt2/supp1-5                     pt2/supp1-5                     pt.2/supp1, 4-6
        1987/pt1/supp1-4                     pt3/supp1, 3-5                  pt.3/supp1, 3-6    
             pt2/supp1-4                1996/pt1/supp1-5                2001/pt.1/supp1-3, 5     
        1988/pt1/supp1-3                     pt2/supp1-3, 5                  pt.2/supp1-3, 5	           
             pt2/supp1-4                     pt3/supp1-3		     pt.3/supp1-3, 5
        1989/pt1/supp4,5                     pt4 			2002/pt.1/supp1, 4-5
             pt2/supp1-5                1997/pt1/supp1-5 		     pt.2/supp1, 4-5
        1990/pt1/supp1,2                     pt2/supp2-5 		2003/pt.1/supp1, 4
             pt2.supp1-5                     pt3/supp1-4 		     pt.2 supp2, 4
        1991/pt1/supp1-5                     pt4			2005/pt.1-2	
             pt2/supp1-5                1998/pt1/supp1-5		     pt.4
             pt3/supp1-5                     pt2/supp2-5		     pt.1/supp1-2
        1992/pt1/supp2-5                     pt3/supp2-5		     pt.2/supp1-2
             pt2/supp1-5                     pt4
             pt3/supp1, 3-5             1999/pt.1
        1993/pt1/supp1-5                     pt.2
             pt2/supp1-5                     pt.3
             pt3/supp1-5                     pt.4
             pt4/supp1-5                1999/pt.1/supp.3,5
        1994/pt1/supp1-5                     pt.2/supp.5
             pt2/supp.1-5                    pt.3/supp.5

D1.76/2 Federal Supply Classification Listing of DOD Standardization Documents
        1988/supp1-4            1990/supp1-5
        1989/supp1-5            1991/section1-3

D2.8 Pocket Guides
        PG21A  Vietnam

                Joint Chiefs of Staff

D5.2 General Publications
        D45/996         So Many, So Much, So Far, So Fast

                National Defense University

D5.402 General Publications
        Ai 7            The Air Campaign  Planning for Combat
        Am3/4           American Plans for Space
        C66             Cohesion  The Human Element in Combat
        C89             The 1980 Cuban Boatlift
        D69             Dollars and the Sense of Command and Control
        EL 1s           El Salvador at War : an Oral History
        F84             France in Black Africa
        G31             Germany and NATO
        G95             Gulf Security and the Iran  Iraq War
        In 2/2          Industrial Strength Defense
        It 1            Italian Communism
        L82             Pure Logistics
        M59/3           Military Ethics  Reflections on Principles
        N88             Nuclear War and the National Interest
        P31/2           Piece is my Profession
        P38             The Pentomic Era
        P69/2           Planning US Forces
        P75/980-81      Poland 1980  81 
        P75/2           Political Warfare and Psychological Operations
        P75/3           On Political War
        P94/983         National Security management Programs
        Se2/5           Security in the Americas
        So 8/3          Strategic Partners: South Korea and the US
        St 8/5/985      Essays on Strategy III
        St 8/5/987      Essays on Strategy IV
        St 8/9          Creating Strategic Vision
        Sw 7            Blunting the Sword
        Sy 8            Syria: Fragile Mosaic of Power
        W 893           World Support Base: Spain [MCDC REPORT]

                Defense Logistics Agency

D7.1 Reports
        1970-1973, 1977

D7.6/2 Cataloging Handbooks

D7.6/2:6-2 Federal Item Identification Guides for Supply Cataloging, Part2, Description 

D7.6/2:6-3 Federal Item Identification Guides for Supply Cataloging, Part 3, Reference Drawings

D7.6/2:7 Manufacturers Part and Drawing Numbering Systems

D7.6/3 Manuals

D7.6/4 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

D7.10 Military Standards, MIL-STD

D7.11/2 Register Planned Emergency Procedures
        1973, vol. 2, 3

D7.13/3 Production Equipment Directory D
        1, vol. 2,3     2

D7.15 Quality Control and Reliability Technical Support

D7.16 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications

D7.17 DCSC Fiscal Year Procurement Estimates Catalog
        1966    1977

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