C55 - C62: National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service - Bureau of Industrial Economics

		National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service 

C55.213 Daily Weather Maps, Weekly Series
	1974 through 1985, incomplete
	1986 through 1995

C55.215 Solar-Geophysical Data
	390/pt.1-2 and Supp.	417/pt.1-2		450/pt.2 and supp.
	400/pt.1		418/pt.1-2
	402/Supp.		438/Supp. and pt.1
	403/pt.1  		448/pt.1-2

		National Maritime Fisheries Service

C55.304 Circulars
	1, 2, 347, 349, 356, 361
	330/v.2-11 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-J-6*

C55.312 Special Scientific Report: Fisheries                                          
	617 - 619, 621-622, 624-631, 633-634                 

			 Current Business Reports	

C56.219/8 Canned Food, Stock, Pack, Shipments
	74/4 - 75/5

		Bureau of International Commerce

C57.11  Overseas Business Reports
	OBR 68-51, OBR 69-84

		Industry and Trade Administration

C57.29  State Export Series

		Bureau of Domestic Commerce

C57.512/2  Copper, Annual Statistical Supplement

		Bureau of Competitive Assessment and Business Policy

C57.312/2  Copper-Annual Statistical Supplement
	17-18, 20-22

		Bureau of Economic Analysis

C59.11/4  Supplement to Survey of Current Business

C59.13 International Population Reports
		International Trade Administration

C61.1  Annual Report
Bureau of Industrial Economics
C62.12 Copper 1979

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