C5 - C10: Bureau of Corporations - Bureau of Manufacturers

		Bureau of Corporations

C5.2  General Publications
	C80		L78/1-2		T55/1-3		W12
	C82/5		P44/2-3		T60
	C84		St3		T68/1-3
	H10		T30		T77
	In2		T44/1		T81

		Bureau of Fisheries

C6.1  Annual Reports
	1913-1932, 1934-39

C6.2  General Publications

C6.7  Economic Circulars
	17, 19, 28, 66-74

		Bureau of Manufacturers

C10.6  Daily Consular and Trade Reports
	310, 311, 322-339, 340-357

C10.7  Special Consular Reports

C10.8  Commercial Relations
	1905, 1907-1912

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