VA - VB: Department of Veterans Affairs - Federal Board for Vocational Education

                Department of Veterans Affairs

VA1.1 Annual Report
        1922-26, 1928-75

VA1.2 General Publications
        An8     Guidelines for Antipsychotic Drug Use
        Ag4	VA Prospectus Research in Aging
	Ag4/2   The Aging American Veteran and the National Economy
        Af2     Two Years of Progress:  Veterans Affairs 1965-66
        Ai7     A Study of Design Criteria and Systems for Air Conditioning Existing Veterans
                 Administration Hospitals
        C18     Career Field Profiles
        D71     Report of Multi-disciplinary Conference on Domiciliary Care
        En8     A/C Research Facilities
        M31/5   Manpower Planning Data
        Ol1     The Older American Veteran
        Or1     Oral Exfoliative Cytology  1962
        P93     A Follow-Up Study of World War II Prisoners of War
        R31/2   Transactions of the Veterans Administration First Conference on the RIND
        R31/3   Residency Training in Internal Medicine
        V67     The Vietnam Era Veteran:  Challenge for Change
        V88     Report of the Annual Meeting  1968-75
        W93     Annual HVWP Writing Contest for Hospitalized Veterans  1967-68, 1970-71

VA1.10 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        Ad9/2   Veterans Administration Advertising Guidelines for Fair Housing
        D84     Handbook on Evaluation of Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Dependent Patients
        H34     Basic Health Care Student Study Guide
        H34/2   Basic Health Care Instructor’s Teaching Guide
        P56     Physician’s Guide
        R11     Radiation Safety Manual
        Su7     Surgical Service Guide
        T42     Thyroid Scanning
        T79     Handbook of Tuberculosis Laboratory Methods

VA1.10/3 Program Guide PG

VA10/4 Guide G
        G-7/M-2/pt.5    G-7/M-2/pt.13

VA1.10/5 Handbook
        07-10           08-1            20-72-1         085-2
        07-11           08-1/sec.G      29-66-1/2       085-3
        07-12           08-4/vol.1      29-75-1         232-68-1

VA1.14 Laws and Executive Orders Relating to Compensation, Pension, Emergency Officers’
         Retirement, Etc.

VA1.18 Manuals, M-
        1/4             27-1                    29-4/pt.4-L
        2/5/G-8         M27-1/pt.2              29-4/pt.4-P
        2/5/G-9         27-1/2                  29-4/pt.4-Q
        7               27-1/3/pt.1

VA1.19 Pamphlets
        June 1947, 1-49
        1954-55, 7-7.1 through 7-7.9

VA1.23/3 Journal of Rehabilitation, Research and Development

VA1.30 VA Catalog

VA1.34 VA Fact Sheets
        IS-2/3          IS-1/8
        IS3             IS9
        IS4             IS-10

VA1.44 VA Benefits in Brief
        1961, 1963-68

VA1.45 Technical Report TR-
        10-5, 10-6, 22-1

VA1.46 Government Life Insurance Programs for Veterans and Servicemen
        1964, 1966-67, 1969-71, 1973

VA1.46/2 Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance Program, Annual Report

                Veterans Bureau

VB1.6 Laws
        W19/5 Organization and Administration of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance

VB1.10/4 Regulation and Procedure
        R       Regulations and Procedure Part I

VB1.13 Digest of Legal Opinion

                Federal Board for Vocational Education

VE1.2 General Publications
        Ed8     Vocational Education

VE1.6 Vocational Rehabilitation Series

VE1.8 Joint Series
        1-33, 35-36

VE1.10 Yearbook

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