SB - SDP: Shipping Board - Small Defense Plant Administration

                Shipping Board

SB1.2 General Publications
        M53/1   The American Merchant Marine
        W89/2   World Shipping Data

SB1.14 National Conference on Merchant Marine

                Port and Harbor Facilities Commission

SB6.2 General Publications
        En2     English Port Facilities

                Construction Bureau

SB11.2 General Publications
        D56     Data Relating to the Diesel Conversion Program

                Small Business Administration

SBA1.1 Annual Report
        1953-55 (incomplete)
        1958-69, 1970-75

SBA1.2 General Publications
        Ec7/6   Economic Opportunity Loan Program  1973
        Ec7/5   Local Development Company Loans  1864-66
        El2     A Study of Small Business in the Electronics Industry
        El2/2   Selected Advances in Electrical Technology   1967, 1969
        P19/2   Catalog of Federal Paperwork Requirements
        R31     University Business and Economic Research 1957-61, 1959-63
        R31/3   SBA—Resource Book—Series A, Books I-III
        R31/3   SBA—Resource Book—Series B, Books, I-III
        T61     Selected Advances in Tools, Dies, Jigs and Fixtures Technology
        T66     A Town Comes to Life
        W45     Selected Advances in Welding, Brazing and Soldering Technology

SBA1.4/2 Products List Circular

SBA1.10 Management Aids for Small Manufactures
        84-148, 154, 156-250

SBA1.11 Technical Aids for Small Manufactures
        52, 54-56, 58-82, 84-91

SBA1.14 Small Marketers Aids
        1-170 (missing 73, 89-92, 118, 137, 149 and 154)

SBA1.14/2 Annuals

SBA1.16 List of Small Companies for Research and Development Work
        1958, 1960, 1961, 1963

SBA1.19 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
        B22             Band/SBA Loans
        B96             Federal Handbook for Small Business
        G74             Government Research and Development Opportunities
        G74/965         Federal Government Publications of Interest to Small Business
        L78             Participation Loans With the Small Business Administration 1953,
                         1962, 1967
        M31		Suggested Management Guides
	M31/2           Coordinators of Management Training
SBA1.20 Small Business Research Series
        1, 2-4

SBA1.20/2 Suggested Research Topics
        1960, 1961

SBA1.23 Small Business Investment Companies Licensed by Small Business Administration
        1962, 1 and 2
        1963, 1 and 2

SBA1.24 Administrative Management Course Program Topics

SBA1.27 SBA Economic Review

                Small Defense Plants Administration

SDP1.1 Quarterly, Reports
        No. 1    January 15, 1952
        No. 5    January 15, 1953

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