RA - RR: National Railroad Adjustment Board - Railroad Retirement Board

                National Railroad Adjustment Board

RA1.7 Awards, 1st Division

RA1.8 Awards, 2nd Division

RA1.9 Awards, 3rd Division

                Reserve Bank Organization Committee

RB1.2 General Publications
        F31     Decision of the Reserve Bank Organization Committee   December 23, 1913
        R11     Radio Facts and Principles
        R26     State and Municipal Regulation of Radio Communication

                Federal Radio Commission

RC1.1 Annual Reports

                Railroad Labor Board

RL1.6/2 Decisions

                Railroad Retirement Board

RR1.1 Annual Report
        1936-46, 1962-69, 1971-80, 1983

RR1.2 General Publications
        An7     Special Guaranty in Employee and Spouse Annuities
        An7/2   Widow(er)’s Annuity
        An7/3   Child’s Annuity  1990
        An7/4   Mother’s/Father’s and Child’s Annuity
        An7/5   Child’s Annuity Full-Time Student
        An7/6   Parent’s Annuity
        B43/3   Child Disability Benefits
        B43/4   Widow(er) Disability Benefits
        B43/5   Railroad Retirement and Survivor Benefits  1991, 1995-96
        H62     The Legislative History of Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment
                 Insurance Systems
        M46     A Brief Description of Medicare for Railroad Workers and Their Families 
                 1983, 1992     
        R31     Questions and Answers on the Railroad Retirement Act as Amended Through 
                 1963 and 1973
        W89     Work, Social Security Benefits and Certain Events Can Affect A Survivor Annuity

RR1.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
        H34     Your Medicare Handbook for Railroad Retirement Beneficiaries
        H79     Your Medicare Handbook
RR1.13 Monthly Benefit Statistics
        1990: 1, 2
        1991: 6
        1992: 4

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