OP1 - P22:Overseas Private Investment Corporation - Postal Service

                Overseas Private Investment Corporation

OP1.1 Annual Report
        1974, 1976, 1982

                United States Postal Service

P1.1 Annual Report

P1.2 General Publications
        B86     Central Region Family of Standard Buildings
        C86     Crime Prevention Tips for Postal Employees
        R26/2   U.S. Postal Service and the Selective Service Registration Program
        Sa5     The Santa Ana General Mail Facility  vol.1-11

P1.10 U.S. Official Postal Guide
        1921-1937, 1939-47 (odd years only), 1948 (pt.1), 1950 (pt.2), 1951, 1953

P1.10/6 County List of Post Offices
        1955-56, 1958, 1960-61

P1.11 Postal Laws and Regulations
        1924, 1932, 1940, 1948

P1.31/4 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
        P94/4/v.1       Procurement Manual
        W89             The Quality of Working Life Process

                Division of Dead Letters

P7.6 Street Directory of Principle Cities of the United States

                Post Office Inspector Division

P14.2 General Publications
        D35     Digest of Decisions of United States Courts

Bureau of Accounts

P22.7 Cost Ascertainment Reports *Shelved in West Campus Storage 82-K-4*
	937/appendix		941/appendix
	938/appendix		942/appendix
	939/appendix		946/appendix

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