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Department of Agriculture

Established: 1862
Cabinet Office: 1889

A1.1 Report of the Secretary of Agriculture
A1.2 General Publications
A1.3 Department Bulletins
A1.4 Circulars
A1.5 Miscellaneous Series
A1.6 Special Reports
A1.8 Reports
A1.9 Farmers' Bulletins
A1.10 Yearbook of Agriculture
A1.11 Regulations, Manuals, Guides
A1.14 Department Circulars
A1.34 Statistical Bulletins
A1.35 Leaflets
A1.36 Technical Bulletins
A1.38 Miscellaneous Publications
A1.39 National Land-Use Planning Committee
A1.42 Agriculture Department Graduate School
A1.47 Agricultural Statistics
A1.55 Hydrologic Bulletins
A1.60 Bibliographies
A1.67 Consumers Guide
A1.68 Program Aids
A1.75 Agriculture Information Bulletins
A1.76 Agricultural Handbook
A1.77 Home and Garden Bulletins
A1.78 Agricultural Monographs
A1.82 Marketing Research Reports
A1.84 Production Research Reports
A1.86 Household Food Consumption Survey
A1.87 Home Economics Research Reports
A1.89 Directories
A1.94 Reports of Technical Study Groups
A1.95 Marketing Bulletins
A1.98 Agricultural Outlook Chartbook
A1.99 Agricultural Economics
A1.107 Agricultural Economic Reports
A4 Bureau of the Animal Industry
A5 Bureau of Biological Survey
A7 Bureau of Chemistry
A9 Bureau of Entomology
A10 Agriculture Experiment Stations
A12 Division of Foreign Markets
A13 Forest Service
A17 National Agricultural Library
A19 Bureau of Plant Industry
A21 Information Office
A22 Bureau of Public Roads
A26 Bureau of Soils
A27 Bureau of Crop Estimates
A29 Weather Bureau
A33 General Counsel
A36 Bureau of Agricultural Economics
A43 Extension Service
A47 Bureau of Chemistry and Soils
A48 Bureau of Plant Quarantine
A49 Personnel Office
A53  Bureau of Agricultural Engineering
A55 Agricultural Adjustment Administration
A57 Soil Conservation Service
A59 Commodity Exchange Administration
A61 Farm Security Administration
A62 Federal Crop Insurance Corporations
A66 Agricultural Marketing Service
A67 Foreign Agricultural Service
A68 Rural Electrification Administration
A70 Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and Engineering
A72 Farm Credit Administration
A73 Surplus Marketing Administration
A77 Agricultural Research Service 
A80 Soil Conservation Service
A82 Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
A84 Farmers' Home Administration
A85 Commodity Exchange Authority
A87 Office of Administrator of the Marketing Act
A88 Agricultural Marketing Service
A89 Farmer Cooperative Service
A90 Agriculture Conservation Program Service
A92 National Agricultural Statistics Service
A93 Economic Research Service
A94 Cooperative State Research Service
A95 International Agricultural Development Service
A97 Rural Community Development Service
A106 Science and Education Administration


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