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A1.2: General Publications

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A 1.2: 

General Publications

AG 8/22 - Century of Service 10-A-4
  AG 8/5 - Geography of the Worlds' Agriculture Sudoc Oversize
  AG 8/24 - Agriculture/2000   10-A-4
  An5/4-973 - Animal Welfare Enforcement  
  AP 4/2 - Forests, rivers, mountains  
  Au2 - Auditors and Special Agents  
  B 83/966 - National Brucellosis Committee  
  C47 - The Church and Agricultural Process  
  C73 - Communities of Tomorrow  
  C83/6 - Growth Country for Industry  
  C 83/8 - Catalog in Courses of Agriculture  
  C 83/10 - Catalog in Courses and Research   
  F 22/14 - Farm Policy in the Years Ahead  
  F51/2/958 - Don't Give a fire a place to start!  
  F73/20 - Pure Food USA  
  F73/25/955 - Food Expenditures of Households in the US  
  F73/27 - Food for Peace  
  F 73/28 - Food and Agriculture Program 60s  
  F 73/29 - World Food Forum  
  F73/31 - US Food Exhibitions around the world  
  F 95 - Small-scale Fuel Alcohol Production  
  G16 - Indoor Garden for Decorative Plants  
  G 91 - National Growth and its Distribution  
  H 88 - Development of Agriculture's HR  
  In2/2 - USDA Programs of Interest to American Indians  
  In3/2/v.1-2 - The Agriculture and Food Conference on Inflation  
  In 7/4 - Office of the Inspector General  
  L 22/2 - Proceedings of the Ntl Conference Land Util.    
  M 59/5/962 - Federal Milk Order Study Committee   
  N 22 - Outlook for Naval Stores  
  N42 - USDA at work in northern New Mexico  
  P 43/2 - Pest Control Related Research  
  P 43/3/968 - Report on Pesticides and Related Activities  
  P 76 - Control of Agriculture-related pollution  
  P 94/8 - Profiles: Careers in the U.S. Dept of Ag.  
  P 96 - Comprehensive Agricultural Program for Puerto  
  P 96/10 - Report of the Dept Publications Review Com  
  R 24 - Rural recreation - A new family-farm business  
  R 31/4 - Symposium on Research in Agriculture  
  R 31/5 - Resources in Action: Agriculture/2000  
  R 36/4 - Rice Technical Working Group Report   
  R 88/2/965 - Upswing in rural America  
  Sa1/956 - 13th National Farm Safety Week  
  Sa1/960 - Enjoy Farm Life - Practice Safety  
  SO 3/4 - Soil, Water, and Suburbia  
  W 56/5 - Wheat: The Program for 1964, An Economic  
  Y 8 - Highlights of the President's Youth Opportunity  


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