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AR: Bureau of American Republics

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Report on the Activities of the Pan American Union


Bulletins/General Descriptive Data

AR3/2: The Argentine Republic  
  B73/1: United States of Brazil  
  B73/3: Brazil  
  C43/2: Chile  
  C65/1: Report on Coffee  
  C73/8-9 in oversize West Campus Storage 82-J-1  
  C73 (10, 11, 13) In SERIAL SET 3602-3604  
  C89/2: Cuba  
  D71: Dominican Republic  
  Ec9: Ecuador  
  H12: Haiti  
  H75/2: Honduras  
  In8/15: International Commission of Jurists  
  L34/1: Latin America - The Land of Opportunity  
  L44: Codification of American International Law  
  M57/1: Mexico - Geographical Sketch  
  M57/4: Mexico - General Descriptive Data  
  N51: Nicaragua  
  P19: Second Pan American Commerce Conference  
  P19/3: Panama  
  P21/3: Paraguay  
  Sa3: Salvador  
  V55/2: Venezuela  


52: Santo Domingo  
  53: Laws of the American Republic  
  (Immigration, Sale of Public Lands)  
  54: Paraguay  
  55: Bolivia  
  58: Salvador  
  60: Peru  
  61: Uruguay  
  62: Haiti  
  63: How the Latin American Markets may be reached  
  by US Manufacturers  
  64: Ecuador  
  67: Argentine Republic  
  84: Alaska  
  91 (v. 1-2): Commerical Directory of the American Republics  

Bulletin of the American Republics

v.1, pt.1: Annual report #1, Handbook #3, Breadstuffs  
  v.1, pt.2: mines and mining laws, land and immigration laws,  
  commercial information  
  v.2: Argentine Republic, Haiti, Paraguay, Santo Domingo  
  v.3: Honduras, Nicaragua, Salvador, Uruguay  
  v.4: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru  
  v.5, pt.1: Tariffs, Argentine Republic, Bolivia, Brazil,  
  British Possessions  
  v.5, pt.2: Tariffs, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba and  
  Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico,  
  v.5, pt.3: Tariffs, Peru, Salvador, Santo Domingo, United  
  States, Uruguay, Venezuela  
  v.6: Commercial Directories of the American Republics  
AR 1.6: Monthly Bulletins
  v. 25 (1907)- v. 29 (1909)  
AR 1.9/1: C76: Transactions of the Second International Sanitary   
  Convention of the American Republics  

Summary of Archaeological Works in the Americas in 1925


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