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AE: National Archives

Government Document Stem Government Document Number and Title Storage Shelf Location
AE1.1: Annual Reports 1-15 10-V-3
AE1.2: General Publications G94 - National Archives Guide 10-V-3
  Su7 - Surrender Documents in Facsimilie  
AE1.8: Annual Reports of Archivist 7-9 10-V-3
of Franklin D. Roosevelt Library     
AE1.10: Preliminary Inventories 2, 3 (pt. 1), 6-14, 16, 18-22 10-V-3
AE1.12: Reference Information Circulars 36 10-V-3
AE1.18: Special Reports 3 10-V-3
AE2.106/4: Privacy Act Issuances   1985/v.1-5, 1986, v.1-5, 1987/v.15, 1989/v.1-5, 1991/v.1-5 10-W-1
AE2.108/2: United States Government Manual 1987-1988, 1988-1989, 1990-1991, 1992-1993, 1998-1999 10-W-2
AE2.111: United States Statutes at Large 14, 22, 24, 27, 29:pt.2-3, 37/pt.1, 38/pt.1, 41/pt.1-3, 55/pt.1 10-W-4
  58/pt.1-3, 59/pt.1-2, 60/1/pt.1-2, 60/2/pt.1-2, 61/1, 61/2/pt.1-2   
  61/3/pt.1-2, 62/2, 62/2/pt.1-3, 63/1, 63/2/pt.1-2, 63/3/pt.1-2  
  64/1/pt.1-2, 64/2/pt.1-2, 65/1, 65/2/pt.1, 65/3/pt.1, 66/1, 66/2  
  66/3/pt.1, 67/1, 67/2/pt.1-2, 67/3, 67/4, 68/2/pt.1-2, 69/1/pt.1-2  
  69/2/pt.1-2, 70/1/pt.1-2, 70/2/pt.1-2, 71/1, 71/2/pt.1-2,   
  71/3/pt.1-2, 72/1, 72/2pt. 1  

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