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  AC: Arms Control 

  and Disarmament Agency

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Arms Control and Disarmament Agency    
AC1.1: ACDA Annual Report to Congress 1962-1972, 1974-1975, 1977-1979 10-V-1
AC1.2: General Publications Ac1, Am3, Ar5, Ar5/2/970, Ar5/3/959-72,  10-V-1
Ar5/3/977, Ar5/3/980  
Ar5/3/990, Ar5/3/991/errata,  
 Ar5/3/996, Ar5/5, Ar5/7, Ar5/7/978  
Ar5/9, Ar5/11, C73, C73/2, C76/v.2-4,  
 C76/2, D36, D36/2-3  
D99/2, Ec7/2, Ec7/3, El2, En3, Es7,  
 H88, In8, K13, M36, N73/2  
N73/3, N88/962-965,  
 N88/2-3,5-6,8-10, Op2, P31, P38,   
R29, Sa3 Sa3/975, Se1, T71, T71/3-4,  
 V58, W23, W37, X56, Z7,   
AC1.9: General Series 1-3, 6 10-V-1
AC1.10: Economic Series 1-2 10-V-1
AC1.11/2: Documents on Disarmament 962/v.2, 963-986 10-V-1
AC1.12: Addresses F81, K38/2, N88 10-V-2
AC1.13: Bibliographies and Lists of Pub C93/index 10-V-2
AC1.14: Report on US Govt Research and  963/1-2, 964/1-2, 966,  10-V-2
Studies in the field of arms control    
AC:1.15:Research Reports 64-2, 65-3, 66-1, 67-1, 68-52 10-V-2
AC1.16: World Military Expenditures and  963-973, 966-67, 969-971, 996 10-V-2
Related Data    
AC1.17: Arms Control Update 6-12 (1988-1989) 10-V-2

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