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About the Inventory

Washington University, Saint Louis University, the Saint Louis City Public Library, and the University of Missouri, Saint Louis are pleased to announce that they have joined together to create a complete inventory of the United States Congressional Serial Set holdings in the Saint Louis Metro Area. Please note that Washington University School of Law holds a nearly complete set of Serial Set microfiche ranging from the 15th Congress (1817) to the 91st Congress (1971). They also possess a complete set of microfiche documenting Congressional records prior to the publication of the Serial Set that ranges from the 1st Congress (1789) to the 14th Congress (1817). The holdings of these four institutions are inventoried on the following pages, which will continue to be updated into the near future. Should you have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email the contact person(s) for each institution.


Bill Olbrich at St. Louis Public Library; p: (314) 241-2288

Kathleen Casey at St. Louis School of Law Library; p:314-977-3081

Rebecca Hyde at St. Louis University Pius XII Library; p: 314-977-3103

Judy Stark at Washinton University School of Law Library; p: (314) 935-3330

Barbara Rehkop at Washington University West Campus Library; p: (314) 935-5465

Lindsay Schmitz at University of Missouri, St. Louis Library; p:(314) 516-5060

Additional Congressional Serial Set Online Resources at St. Louis Area Libraries

Database/Website Access Coverage Available At
Lexis Nexis Institutional Users Only 1970-Present (91st Congress, 2d Session-Present) WU UMSL
Lexis Nexis Law Restricted Access   WUL, SLUL
LLMC Freely Available SLU
Readex/Newsbank Restricted Access 1817-1869 (15th-41st Congresses)
Westlaw Restricted Access   SLUL, WUL

Additional Congressional Serial Set or Congressional Documents Resources on the Web

U.S. Government Printing Office Browse Documents Page allows users to browse the catalog of House, Senate, and Treaty documents, by Congress, beginning with the 104th Congress (1995-1996).

Library of Congress Memory Project has begun digitizing documents from the 23d to the 64th Congress (1833-1917).  The entire set has not been completed.

U.S. Senate Congressional Recordcontains information concerning the activities of the House and Senate.  This website is searchable from the 107th Congress-Present (2001-Present).

Office of the Clerk, House of Representatives contains information about House activities ranging from partial coverage from the 1st Congress forward to complete coverage of more recent Congressional Sessions.

THOMAS is the Library of Congress' website making legislative materials available on the internet.  For information on coverage click here.

The University of Maryland is in the process of digitizing Serial Set maps.  For more information click here

General Information About the Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Congressional Serial Set What It Is and Its History by Virginia Saunders, Congressional Documents Specialist, U.S. Government Printing Office Washington, DC

U.S. Congressional Serial Set Assigned Serial Numbers Not Used Compiled by Virginia Saunders, Congressional Documents Specialist, U.S. Government Printing Office Washington, DC August Imholtz, Executive Editor, Congressional Information Service, Inc. Bethesda, MD

Serial Set Indexing

CIS U.S. Serial Set Index (LC Call Number Z1223.Z9 C65)

The College of Wooster U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List cross-references Serial Set volumes with Government Documents found in the SuDoc classification scheme