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West Campus Library - Government Publications Collections

Civil Rights Suite

Olin Library has agreed to act as a Regional for a suite of Civil Rights-related government documents, meaning that we will have as comprehensive a collection for these agencies as possible. Our intention is to include all of the documents we have in these areas in our Catalog. The federal government departments include:

CRUnited States Commission on Civil Rights (1957- ).
HHDepartment of Housing and Urban Development (1965- ).
JDepartment of Justice. (1870- ).
PUnited States Postal Service. (1792- ).
Pr 34President - Dwight D. Eisenhower administration.
PrEx 34Executive Office of the President - Dwight D. Eisenhower administration.
PrVp 34Vice President - Dwight D. Eisenhower administration.
Pr 35President - John F. Kennedy administration.
PrEx 35Executive Office of the President - John F. Kennedy administration.
PrVp 35Vice President - John F. Kennedy administration.
Pr 36President - Lyndon Johnson administration.
PrEx 36Executive Office of the President - Lyndon Johnson administration.
PrVp 36Vice President - Lyndon Johnson administration.
Y 3.EqCongressional Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (1965- )
Y 4.J 89/1:House Committee on the Judiciary
Y 4.J 89/2:Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Guidelines for the Civil Rights Suite