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Used and Rare Bookstores

      Dunaway Books, 3111 South Grand, 314-771-7150

      Left Bank Books (New and used), 399 North Euclid (Central West End), 314-367-6731

      Subterranean Books (New and used), 6275 Delmar (Loop), 314-862-6100
      M-Th 12-7:30p.m., F 11-9:30p.m., Sat 11-9:30pm, Sun 12-5:30p.m.

New Bookstores

      Campus Bookstore, 1st Floor - Mallinckrodt Center, 314-935-5500

      Daily Planet News, 243 N. Euclid (Central West End), 314-367-1333

      Front Page News, 6380 Delmar (Loop), 314-862-2322

      Left Bank Books (New and used), 399 N. Euclid (Central West End), 314-367-6731

      Borders Bookstore (Brentwood Square), 1519 S. Brentwood Blvd (Clayton), 314-918-8189

      World News, Central & Forsyth (Clayton), 314-726-6010

      Subterranean Books (New and used), 6275 Delmar (Loop), 314-862-6100

      Missouri Botanical Garden - Garden Gate Shop, 4344 Shaw Blvd. (Southwest City),
      314-577-5137, open daily 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

ABAA Book Dealer

      Anthony Garnett Fine Books, P.O. Box 4918, 314-367-8080

Special Collections Libraries

      Special Collections/Archives at Eden-Webster Library

      Louisa H. Bowen University Archives and Special Collections
      Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Illinois

      Morris Library - Special Collections Research Center
      Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois

      Missouri Botanical Garden Library

      The Missouri Historical Society Research Library

      Pius XII Memorial Library — St. Louis University
            Special Collections — The St. Louis Room: Rare Books, Manuscripts,
            and University Archives
            Vatican Film Library

      St. Louis County Library

      St. Louis Public Library

      University Libraries of the University of Missouri – St. Louis
            St. Louis Mercantile Library

      Washington University Libraries
            Washington University Libraries — Department of Special Collections
            Becker Medical Library — Archives and Rare Books

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