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Short Papers

Group I

Mike Garabedian, Clark Library, University of California Los Angeles
You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught (With Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Pablo Alvarez, Curator of Rare Books, University of Rochester
Class Presentations and Digital Initiatives: Two Strategies to Introduce Rare Books in Undergraduate Research

Jacky Johnson, Special Collections Archives, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
The Underground Railroad in the Middle Ohio River Valley: Facts and Fallacies

Eric Holzenberg, Director, The Grolier Club of New York (Moderator)

Group II

William F. Meehan III, Student in MLS, Special Collections Specialization, Indiana University
Why Special Collections Exhibition Curators Must Consider the Audience: A Tutorial

Ilhan Citak, Special Collections Assistant, Lehigh University
Digital Copernicus: 21st Century Edition

Yoland Theunissen, Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education, Portland, ME
Promoting the Use of Historic Maps for K-12

J. Fernando Peña, The Grolier Club of New York (Moderator)

Group III

Stephen Nonack, Curator of Manuscripts, Boston Athenaeum
Strategizing Education and Outreach: The Boston Athenaeum

Geoffrey D. Smith, Professor and Head, Rare Books and Manuscript Library, Ohio State University Libraries
Perceptions of Them: Race and Ethnicity in American Popular Culture

Sarah Goodwin Thiel, Digital Imaging Librarian, University of Kansas Libraries
Collection Features: A New Approach to Collection Promotion

Daniel Slive, William Reese Company (Moderator)

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