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VMF001 Jane Addams Letter

VMF002 Louis E. Alewel Collection

VMF003 James Lane Allen Letter

VMF004 Leslie Thomas John Arlott Collection

VMF005 Louis S. Auchincloss Letter

VMF006 W.H. Auden Collection

VMF007 Nettie H. Beauregard Collection

VMF008 Saul Bellow Letter

VMF009 Giacomo Costantino Beltrami Letter

VMF010 W. Mineard Bennett Manuscript

VMF011 Bernhard Berenson Letters

VMF012 Walter J. Berkowitz Collection

VMF013 John Berryman Manuscripts

VMF014 Samuel Beckett Ephemera

VMF015 Robert de Boron Manuscript

VMF016 Bergun Huff Brown Collection

VMF017 Thomas Edward Brown Letter

VMF018 W. Sorley Brown Collection

VMF019 John Kilian Houston Brunner Typescript

VMF020 Arthur Henry Bullen Letter

VMF021 Kenneth Burke Collection

VMF022 Emma P. Burr Collection

VMF023 John Burroughs Manuscript

VMF024 Emile Cammaerts Manuscript

VMF025 Roy Campbell Letter

VMF026 C.G.W. Chinser Letter

VMF027 Chouteau Family Collection

VMF028 Walston Chubb Collection

VMF029 Benjamin Clapp Diary

VMF030 J.M. Coetzee Collection

VMF031 Louise de Pillot de Coligny-Chatillon Letters

VMF032 Oscar W. Collet Collection

VMF033 Padraic Colum Letter

VMF034 Katherine Corbitt Collection

VMF035 Walter H. Cummings Collection

VMF036 Aida Curlee Letter

VMF037 Rhys Davies Letter

VMF038 Cecil Day Lewis Letters

VMF039 Walter de la Mare Collection

VMF040 Goldworthy Lowes Dickinson Letter

VMF041 J. Dudley Digges Letter

VMF042 Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas Letters

VMF043 Edmund Dulac Collection

VMF044 Richard Eberhart Letters

VMF045 Larry Eigner Manuscripts

VMF046 Charlotte Champe Stearns Eliot Collection

VMF047 Lawrence Grant White Letter

VMF048 Vivion Henry Collection

VMF049 John Chipman Farrar Collection

VMF050 Lawrence Ferlinghetti Letter

VMF051 Eugene Field Collection

VMF052 John Gould Fletcher Collection

VMF053 Henry Clay Folger Letter

VMF054 Jean Follain Collection

VMF055 Thomas Fountayne Collection

VMF056 Paula Fox Typescript

VMF057 Charles Wrey Gardiner Letter

VMF058 Margaret A. Gibson Letter

VMF059 Wilfrid Wilson Gibson Collection

VMF060 Daniel Coit Gilman Letter

VMF061 Giovanni Giudici Collection

VMF062 Francisco de [Achegin] Godinez Family Collection

VMF063 Golden Cockerel Press Collection

VMF064 Louis Golding Letter

VMF065 Edmund Gosse Collection

VMF066 Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham Letter

VMF067 Henrietta Hochschild Collection

VMF068 Jeremiah Green Collection

VMF069 Horace Gregory Letters

VMF070 William Hooker Letter

VMF071 Louise Imogen Guiney Manuscript

VMF072 Richard S. Hawe Collection

VMF073 John Hawkes Collection

VMF074 Mary (Mrs. Ernest) Hemingway Letters

VMF075 Robert A. Hereford Typescript

VMF076 George C. Hitchcock Collection

VMF077 John Hollander Letters

VMF078 Edmond Gore Alexander Holmes Letter

VMF079 Oliver Wendell Holmes Letters

VMF080 Herbert Clark Hoover Letter

VMF081 Williamson Pope Howard Collection

VMF082 Emma Kafalenos Collection

VMF083 Violet Hunt Letters

VMF084 Ibhronoth Literature Collection

VMF085 Charles Edward Ives Letter

VMF086 Randall Jarrell Letter

VMF087 Richard Jefferies Collection

VMF088 Pamela Hansford Johnson Letter

VMF089 M.A. Kennerley Letter

VMF090 Jacob Klein Collection

VMF091 John Knoepfle Typescripts

VMF092 Dala'il al-Khayrat Manuscript

VMF093 Lorraine Lake Collection

VMF094 Letitia Elizabeth Landon Collection

VMF095 Philip A. Larkin Letters

VMF096 Thomas Edward Lawrence Collection

VMF097 Laurie Lee Letter

VMF098 Noel Lawson Lewis Collection

VMF099 Abraham Lincoln Document

VMF100 Haniel Long Notebook

VMF101 Howard Phillips Lovecraft Letters

VMF102 Robert Lowell Manuscript

VMF103 Edward Lucie-Smith Collection

VMF104 Noah Miller Ludlow Letter

VMF105 Frits Lugt Letters

VMF106 Michael McClure Letters

VMF107 William McKinley Letters

VMF108 Olivia Manning Letter

VMF109 Aldo Pio Manuzio Collection

VMF110 John Masefield Letter

VMF111 Edgar Lee Masters Letter

VMF112 William Somerset Maugham Collection

VMF113 William Meredith Collection

VMF114 W.S. Merwin Collection

VMF115 Pamela Millward Letters

VMF116 Mongolian Scroll

VMF117 George Moore and William Butler Yeats Typescript

VMF118 George Moore Letter

VMF119 Thomas Sturge Moore Letter

VMF120 Dom F. Moraes Notebooks

VMF121 Patrick Bowles Letters

VMF122 Harold Morland Collection

VMF123 Ralph Hale Mottram Letter

VMF124 Edwin Muir Letter

VMF125 Iris Murdoch Letters

VMF126 Robert Nathan Letter

VMF127 Muriel Nezhnie Watercolors

VMF128 Ned O'Gorman Letter

VMF129 Charles Olson Collection

VMF130 John Palen Collection

VMF131 Miriam Patchen Letters

VMF132 Coventry Patmore Collection

VMF133 Peter S. Prescott Note

VMF134 Stephen Hawking Typescript

VMF135 Margaret Randall Note

VMF136 John Crowe Ransom Collection

VMF137 Pierre Reverdy Photograph

VMF138 Kenneth Rexroth Collection

VMF139 Dorothy M. Richardson Collection

VMF140 Theodore Roethke Collection

VMF141 Horatio Rogers Letter

VMF142 Theodore Roosevelt Collection

VMF143 H.J. Ruehmkorf Collection

VMF144 William Clark Russell Letter

VMF145 St. Louis Theatre Program Collection

VMF146 St. Louis Theater Record Scrapbook

VMF147 George Santayana Manuscript

VMF148 James Schuyler and Kenward Elmslie Typescript

VMF149 Charles Scott Letter

VMF150 Edith Joy Scovell Collection

VMF151 Scrapbook

VMF152 John Hersey Letter

VMF153 John Dawson Gilmary Shea Letter

VMF154 Percy Bysshe Shelley Letter

VMF155 James H. Shields Collection

VMF156 Wilbur Henry Siebert Collection

VMF157 Herbert Spiegelberg Photographs

VMF158 William E. Stafford Collection

VMF159 Rugena Stanley Collection

VMF160 Frederic George Stephens Collection

VMF161 James Stephens Collection

VMF162 Consider Sterry Letters

VMF163 Gladys Storey Letter

VMF164 Richard Swartz Letters

VMF165 James Tower Sweringen Collection

VMF166 Allen Tate Letters

VMF167 Frank William Taussig Collection

VMF168 Thibault Manuscript

VMF169 Maurice Thomson Collection

VMF170 Charles Tomlinson Letters

VMF171 Katharine Tynan Collection

VMF172 Edward Upjohn Letter

VMF173 Theodore Newton Vail Collection

VMF174 Mark Van Doren Typescript

VMF175 Lucia Elizabeth Bartolozzi Vestris Collection

VMF176 Adam Walker Collection

VMF177 Thomas Humphry Ward Letter

VMF178 Henry Watterson Notebook

VMF179 Theodore Watts-Dunton Letter

VMF180 Howard Webb and Robert Emmet Sherwood Letters

VMF181 Edgar H. Wells Letter

VMF182 Glenway Wescott Collection

VMF183 Monroe Nichols Wetmore Collection

VMF184 Philip Whalen Collection

VMF185 Edmund White Typescript

VMF186 Thomas Jefferson Whitman Collection

VMF187 Walt Whitman Collection

VMF188 Reed Whittemore Collection

VMF189 John Greenleaf Whittier Collection

VMF190 Richard Wilbur Collection

VMF191 Thornton Nevin Wilder Letters

VMF192 Jonathan Williams Letter

VMF193 William Carlos Williams Collection

VMF194 Oliver Wendell Withington Commonplace Book

VMF195 Dorothea Wolfgram Letters

VMF196 Patience Worth Collection

VMF197 John Max Wulfing Collection

VMF198 James Erwin Yeatman Letter

VMF199 Leah Rachel Yoffie Collection

VMF200 Louis Zukofsky Letters

VMF201 Walter Abish Collection

VMF202 Evan S. Connell Collection

VMF203 Cummington Community of the Arts Collection

VMF204 Carlos Fuentes Collection

VMF205 Hidcote House Letter

VMF206 Bernard Malamud Collection

VMF207 Carl Nissen Roos Collection

VMF208 John Ruskin Letter

VMF209 Hilda Morley Letter

VMF210 Godefridus and Nexa Suevus Collection

VMF211 Havelock Ellis Letter

VMF212 Mackenzie Bell Letter

VMF213 Paul Claudel Letter

VMF214 Louis Gallo Letter

VMF215 Leo Planiscig Letter

VMF216 Eliot Conference Collection

VMF217 Harold Blumenfeld Collection

VMF218 Robert Coover Collection

VMF219 John Heath-Stubbs Typescript

VMF220 Laura Riding Jackson Collection

VMF221 Robert Penn Warren Letter

VMF222 Florence Nightingale Letter

VMF223 Thomas Jefferson Letter

VMF224 Albert Schweitzer Letters

VMF225 Eugene O'Neill Letter

VMF226 Konrad Bieber Letter

VMF227 Liselotte Dieckmann Collection

VMF228 Fernando Alegria Collection

VMF229 C.S. Lewis Letter

VMF230 Andrew Johnson Collection

VMF231 Stanley Morison Collection

VMF232 Lewis P. Andrews Kodak No. 2 Bulls-Eye Camera

VMF233 Samuel Beckett Posters

VMF234 William S. Burroughs Collection

VMF235 Marilyn Weir Collection

VMF236 Buzz Spector Collection

VMF237 Rick Cluchey Collection of Waiting for Godot Materials

VMF238 Mark Wavering Print