PW 106 – Inv 444




Dionysia to her brother Panechotes: Best greetings, and by all beans good health.  I thank you very much that you have heard (?) that the builders have healed my house (?).  You haven’t send me word or mnaiaion (?) nor a sheet of fresh writing-paper: therefore write me a letter and send it.  For the rest, I ask you to give testimony through the strategos to him (?) before Pedon sails up and I with my people sail down and plead the case before him (?).  I ask you not to neglect this, but send me word as soon as possible.  Look after Athenis and Ptollas and Harasis and everyone in the house.  Ventidis sends great affection, and also Helen, Outidion, and everyone in the house.  Do not therefore be remiss in this matter until we come to you.  Farewell.  Year 12 of Caesar, Tybi 18.




Deliver to Panechotes.