PW 30 – Inv 135


(Column 1)

. . . to his son Neicetes, greetings.  Receive from Hyacinthos the little ass with 30 pairs of loaves of bread.  And you will in your basket a . . . sealed by me with my silver ring.  And if you have need of money write to me.  Give the silver money to someone for you know that I cannot trust anyone . . .


(Column 2)

Write to me about Leonides.  Not only have I shown you in my first letter how large the amount of money is, but you took 240 drachmas for the physician’s account.  If you have need of other supplies write to me and they will be brought to you at once . . . in order that I may send it to you through Hyacinthos.  Write back to me if you need anything else and it will be brought to you at once.  I pray that you are well.  Greetings to you, brother Neicetes, from Dionysos.