PW 19 Inv 3


Aurelius Patermouthis, son of Thonis and Nemesous, and . . . Aurelia Helene, daughter of Panechotus and Helene, both from the illustrious and most illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus to Aurelia Thermouthion, daughter of Heraklas, acting through her husband, Aurelius Didymus also called Sarapion, son of Pyrrhus and Sarapias also called Demetria from the same city, greetings. In case anyone proceeds against you, be it you, Aurelia Thermouthion, or your husband Sarapion, concerning the rent on the mill which we have had on lease or any obligation, be it a matter written or unwritten, from the month of Pharmouthi of the past second and first year to Pharmouthi of the present third and second year we agree to repel at our own expense the person who shall proceed against you as it from a court decision because we have been paid in full the portion of the rent due us and for all expenses incurred by us alone during the aforesaid period.