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Washington University Libraries
Department of Special Collections
Manuscript Division


General Rules
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the reading room.
  • Staff members will retrieve all manuscript materials from the stacks. Patrons will request materials using the Paging Form for Manuscript Materials. Materials may not leave the reading room.
  • Coats must be placed on the coat rack provided by the registration desk.
  • Briefcases, bags, purses, backpacks, newspapers, large notebooks and any other bulky items must be placed in one of the lockers provided for patron use.
  • Researchers may take notes with paper and pencil or a laptop computer.
  • Researchers will ordinarily be given no more than three folders of papers at a time.
  • Should a researcher discover errors in arrangement or description, he/she should call this to the attention of the Washington University Libraries staff. Researchers should not rearrange or in any way alter papers' order or descriptions.
  • When you finish your research, leave your materials on the table and inform the staff whether or not you intend to return.

Reproduction Rules
  • All photoduplication will be done by staff.
  • Patrons desiring to photoduplicate manuscript materials from the Department of Special Collections must complete and return a Request for Photoduplication form.
  • Washington University Libraries reserves the right to make decisions about what materials can be duplicated, photocopied, photographed, microfilmed, or otherwise duplicated based on the condition of materials, access restrictions, and copyright restrictions.
  • Reproductions of manuscript collection materials that are part of the Department of Special Collections are made available on loan and must be returned to the Department when research is completed.
Publication Rules
  • Permission to conduct research with Special Collection's manuscript collection materials entails an obligation that a scholar complete and return a Notification of Intent to Publish Manuscript Material form before publishing manuscript collection materials. Publish is here used to mean presentation in whole or in part in seminar or term papers, theses or dissertations, journal articles, monographs, books, digital forms, photographs, images, dramatic presentations, transcriptions, or any other form prepared for a limited or general public.
  • Published work created using manuscript collection materials from Washington University Libraries must include a citation in the following form:

    Name of the Collection
    Washington University Libraries
    Department of Special Collections

  • Publication can take place only under the provisions of the fair-use doctrine in the U.S. Copyright Law (as amended) or by obtaining permission of the copyright holder, which in some instances may be Washington University.
Teaching/Education Rules
  • In accordance with the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code sections 107, and 110) Special Collections materials may be used within a Washington University classroom or in surrogate form over the Washington University campus network for educational purposes, provided that the materials are password protected and delivered over the network for a limited period of time. See http://www.wustl.edu/copyright/